Monday, 9 April 2012

Tulppaanien Lumo

The University of Helsinki Botonical Garden
"Tulppaanien Lumoa"
(31.3.2012 - 9.4.2012)
in Order of Appearance:
Tulipa "Duc Van Tol Red & Yellow" est. 1595
Muscari "Valerie Finnis"
Narcissus "Polar Ice"
Narcissus "Butter & Eggs" (est. 1777)
Tulipa "Duc Van Tol Rose" est.1700
Tulipa "Zomerschoon" est. 1620
Narcissus "Mary Copeland" est.1913
Narcissus (Daffodil Creamy White Solo?)
Narcissus "Mrs. R.O Backhouse" (pre 1921)
Iris "Katharine Hodgkin"
Tulipa "Black & White (Rembrandt)" est. 1917
The exhibition was organised by Villi Niitty
What's your favourite spring flower?:)
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