Sunday, 8 April 2012

Barley for Kitties

When I ordered the Amaranthus Elephant Head- seeds, I firstly, didn't realise it was going to be such a huge bushy type of a plant, and secondly, when I was researching the plant more deeply for the blog, I was rather pleasantly surprised and amused how the flowers look like their waving a middle finger up in the air, ha:) Just perfect for them nosey neighbours, ha!;)

The pic above is © Irene Kightley via creative Commons.
I just had to share it as I absolutely adore chickens and
I'm hoping to raise a small flock myself... one day:)
The gourds are growing super fast and strong:)
Hmmm, and ha. "Ei mennyt niin kuin Strömsössä":) My friend had been talking about these new handy boxes to germinate delicious sprouts or shoots easily and neatly. We were visiting Tiimari in Lohja, and spotted a lovely looking stand offering various sizes of these growing boxes, and a great variety of seeds to start with.

It's been ages since I've grown any of my own, but I absolutely love sunflower shoots and mungo bean sprouts. It's taken nearly two weeks for me to remember to soak the (sunflower) seeds over night. Idid, indeed, remember tonight... I was gently(!) adjusting the lid on, when the whole box cracked into half, ha! I don't even know how it's possible, but TADAA- here we are..:)
Slightly annoyed, but at least I managed to scoop up some of the seeds, and they're now soaking on a plate in ol' school way, ha. We'll see what happens.:)

Well, check out the gorgeous goodies Nelson offers, I bet those handy looking Pluggboxes would be cat safe:) Also, check out the video section, quite inspiring:)
Mother- in-law also brought some pre-grown barley for kitties, it's gone down very eagerly:)
Miss Moon (Myy at home) and Varpu:
x x x

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