Monday, 30 January 2012

Bzzz Bzzz, Busy Bee

Aquamarine zircon, although the colour isn't as pretty against the wooden surface:)
Stamped, natural Aventurine stone- ring
Anna- Stiina preparing a setting for a stone with a micro motor
Anna-Stiina's portfolio:)
Goldsmith, Ari Vuorela, showing an example
Setting a stone
Maestro at work
Nearly finished; 18mm Smoky Quartz
Work in progress; Aventurine, Onyx and Turquoise cabochon stones
And Funky Bambi Commission:)

Monday, 23 January 2012

I ♥ My Hound

NEW! I My Hound- serie tags using Vintaj;
which is a 100% natural brass that is not antique plated or chemically treated, making them environmentally friendly and nickel- and lead-free.

Also available in copper and 925 Sterling Silver (tags only)
with any custom hound related quotes / pet name(s) etc:)
Here are the beautiful pair that inspired the above jewellery;
Lula & Nuba
Galgo "sisters" adopted via SOS Galgos, Spain
Living in Helsinki, Finland
Photo © Anna Keski-Kohtamäki
2011 SOS Galgos rehomed 178 Spanish Greyhounds,
also known as Galgos
Here's a story of Lolita
(does not contain any brutal images)
x x x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Viimeinen Ilo

I just lost last of my rescue gerbils; Ilo (Joy), or "Viimeinen Iloni" ("My last Joy") as I used to call him when he was the last one left after his litter mates passed over the rainbow bridge within 2011.

Here's some pics of Ilo's bunch. His mum, Ruska, was a rescue from London, only 3 months old, arrived with her brother. They were kept in a tiny hamster cage that had no food or bedding (or maybe they were removed before we came for the pick up).

Just couple of days later, 5th of September 2008, much to our surprise, the very slim and very-pre-teen-mother, gave birth to a litter of 7 pups

Here's she is, and some of her "Nakunakit" (naked "sausages") couple of days old.
13 days old, eyes still shut, but a lovely combination of colours!
.. And here he is, my Ilo, 21 days old with his deformed right ear. He was either born that way, or the young mother might have had an accidental "nibble" when he was born and was being cleaned.

♥ Rest in Paradise 5.9.2008 - 22.1.2012
Ilo's twin Agouti sister, Ilona, 21 days old
♥ 5.9.2008 - 21.5.2011
Last, but not least, a very small sized "Pikku Nyyti" did very well and outlived her sisters. Pikku Nyyti, 21days old
Villa, 21 days old. He was one of my favourite colours I've ever had, beautiful lilac
Here's a pic of a 1 year old Villa when we moved to Finland from UK, and took a ferry from Germany to Helsinki, back in May 2009.
♥ 5.9.2008 - August 2011
Another pic of Pikku Nyyti
Here's one of my three pup- lot, that arrived just 1 days old from "London's Hamster rescue" late summer 2006 with their mum and 2 potential dads. They are 14 days old in this pic, eyes just open, two boys and a girl which of "Knut", one of my males made it to 4 years and 10 months which (I think) is a very honourable age.

An average age for gerbil is about 3 years, but nowadays, what I've read on forums etc. it appears to be more towards 2+ than 3+, so I've always been very happy when they pass the 3 years and feel that I've done something correct, and that they've had a good healthy life:)
And here's my firsties ♥ There was a litter of 8 ruby Eyed White's born in Birmingham back in 2004. In this pic the boys are having a play outside in our London garden (2006 or 2007):) They all made it +4years old, apart from one that was lost unexpectedly at the age of 2. These were such a lively, social bunch, also hand reared from day "one" ("" because they are not to be handled too early)
Rest in Peace Ilo, and all my beautiful little babies.
You brought so much joy and sunshine to my life

Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Goodies @ Nitrobabe

A Parcel of new Funky Homo sapiens- goodies have just
arrived to Nitrobabe, Tampere

.. And stolen moments from Varpu's (16 months) life
in the morning of Jan 19th 2012. Meow!
Varpu is stalking a rather large flock of Bullfinches and
Eurasian Siskins fluttering about
the maple tree behind the studio window:)
(which I didn't manage to capture any decent pics of, sob)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


IF Funky Homo sapiens- graphics were available as skins to your
mobile phone(any maker/model), laptop(any size), iPod and/or iPad,
would you be interested, please?:)

(with better graphics, just a quick sample:))

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday Roast

River Cottage, Veg Every Day
Recipe no.2 - Roasted Aubergine and Potato
Recipe available online HERE

As strange as it might sound, I've never roasted anything before, or had roasted meal in matter of fact. I suppose it's not really a Finnish / Scandinavian thing to do.:)

My closest thing for a "roast" was when my neighbour in my first UK home in Small Heath, Birmingham, 2003, was preparing a Sunday Roast and hadn't cleaned the oven for a quite some time (told our shared landlord, lovely Mr.Riggall) and apparently the oven literally exploded. The kitchen was all black and quite badly destroyed. The young couple had just adopted a little kitten, and I took care of it while the firemen did their thing and it was safe to return.:) Sure was a scary Sunday morning wake up call; closest to a fire I've ever been (touch on wood).

Anyways, here you are, my first ever roast... I think.
I used the left over aubergine from yesterday's meal which was a half of a quite large one, and 3 large-ish potatoes.
Seasoned with salt and black pepper.
Another cool flea market find:) Two huge German Milk Glass "Salt and Sugar" jars. The containers hold a full 500g bag. I can't remember what they cost, but defo 1euro / each, max!
Stir every 15minutes, says Moominmamma, who was a present from Santa:)
Not in the recipe, but I added some red onions.
I like them as large chunky bits:)
15mins in. I accidentally put the onion in on the first half of the 45mins, would've been perfectly cooked with the last 15mins too.
The world's best garlic press comes from Ikea. I've used the same design for the whole 12-13 years I've lived on my own:) I've been given others too, but this is the best there is, with a removable cylinder for easy cleaning
Freshly squeezed lemon juice. I used only 3-4 teaspoons, rest was saved for a cheese cake I'm making for my grandparents who will visit tomorrow, Sunday (or today as it's 1.30am)
And some chives (ruohosipuli) for finishing touches:)
This is what Mr. Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall's roast looks like:)
And this is mine, not too bad me thinks:) I suppose I conquered my first ever roast! AND found a totally new setting from my oven, ha;)
This meal cost approx. 1.50euros (!),
serving 2 good sized, tummy (over)filling meals
excluding the olive oil, pinch of salt and black pepper
Sure was easy and well GOOD!

x x x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

River Cottage, VEG Everyday

I love cooking, and love to come up with some-what-weird recipes, which of "Käännytyspiirakka" (*Proselytism Pie) is one of my most "famous" ones:) Käännytyspiirakka was designed to gently convert stubborn meat eaters into "bunny food":) Although I don't believe in forging ism's to people, but Käännytyspiirakka has been very successful in it's mission hence the recipe changing hands amongst the carnivores:)

BUT as my life has been quite hectic and even rather unfortunate the past couple of years, I haven't had much energy to cook:( So my hubby has kindly taken over the daily dinners. He's one of those very insecure cooks who fail to recognise their talents. He is gifted, he is. Everything he makes is a success, I can't even exaggerate the fact, it's so ridiculous, ha:).

I purchased him a veggie cooking course and another focusing on various beans as a Christmas present, just to boost up his confidence:) I expect to hear lot of moaning in the morning of the classes (shhh!), but I bet it'll be very inspiring:)

Anyways, the reason of this post was that I bought him this lovely "Rover Cottage, Veg Everyday"- book to go along the cooking courses:) And on the side, was hoping to get back into my own cooking myself:) I have a new cooker, but have barely used it:(

River Cottage is my ultimate favourite cooking series. I'm not sure if it's ever been shown in Finland, but even as a vegetarian myself, and the cook Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall being a passionate meat lover, he does it honourably, respecting his ingredients and is just some how very sweet and gentle ( in lack of better words). He's just pleasant in every way:)

Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall started the River Cottage series by purchasing a cottage from the English countryside, starting a little garden, trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. Gradually expanding his estate, raising livestock and now he even has staff to look after his ever expanding and versatile garden:)

The River Cottage, Veg Everyday came together when Hugh decided to go strictly veggie for 6 months. I was lucky enough to find the whole series from YouTube, some naughtie had uploaded it, but as long as it's available, please have a look:) 8 episodes altogether- Hope you enjoy!

Here's my first try from the book;
Aubergine and Green Bean Curry
Recipe available online HERE

Sorry about the rubbish pics, good practise for inside shooting
Grounding the coriander (korianteri) and cumin (kumina)
Blending the curry paste, although my (smoothie) blended didn't really do the trick, it as bit of a head ache even though I added some water to make it blend easier and not sticking to the sides so badly ha. (AND late in the evening, I suddenly remembered that I even have this smaller blender, perfect for dressings and pastes, doh)
Lemon grass, ginger, onions, green chili and spices look bit chunky, but it all melts in perfectly when heating them up, so chopping them tiny does the trick even without owning a blender:)
(LOVE!) Aubergine fingers
Adding the paste over fried aubergines
I steamed the French beans rather than allowing them to cook in the curry mix. I just threw them in the very last moment. I think steaming brings out the flavour the best:)
I think I added too much coconut milk, had to simmer for quite long to get rid of the excess liquid:)
And here's the final product:) I also forgot to purchase fresh coriander (for the finishing touches and -taste) And I had read just a day earlier that people with AB+ blood type, heh, should avoid sunflower products so I replaced sunflower oil ith olive oil which is superb with aubergine anyways and don't think it added any extra flavour:)

Cashew nuts on top
I threw half of the curry paste to the freezer so I will have the spice mix ready for another try:) Just need to remember to pay attention to my coconut milk and maybe tad less ginger (inkivääri) and it sure will be a good proper curry challenging the gorgeous, tasty and traditional English veggie curry, made best in Birmingham, UK ♥♥♥

The ingredients for this meal cost 9.70euros (excluding the dry spices)
which I only used half of each = 4.85euros, served two people with generous sized meals. Just to prove that veggie dinners are not at all costly as people often complain about:)
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