Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday Roast

River Cottage, Veg Every Day
Recipe no.2 - Roasted Aubergine and Potato
Recipe available online HERE

As strange as it might sound, I've never roasted anything before, or had roasted meal in matter of fact. I suppose it's not really a Finnish / Scandinavian thing to do.:)

My closest thing for a "roast" was when my neighbour in my first UK home in Small Heath, Birmingham, 2003, was preparing a Sunday Roast and hadn't cleaned the oven for a quite some time (told our shared landlord, lovely Mr.Riggall) and apparently the oven literally exploded. The kitchen was all black and quite badly destroyed. The young couple had just adopted a little kitten, and I took care of it while the firemen did their thing and it was safe to return.:) Sure was a scary Sunday morning wake up call; closest to a fire I've ever been (touch on wood).

Anyways, here you are, my first ever roast... I think.
I used the left over aubergine from yesterday's meal which was a half of a quite large one, and 3 large-ish potatoes.
Seasoned with salt and black pepper.
Another cool flea market find:) Two huge German Milk Glass "Salt and Sugar" jars. The containers hold a full 500g bag. I can't remember what they cost, but defo 1euro / each, max!
Stir every 15minutes, says Moominmamma, who was a present from Santa:)
Not in the recipe, but I added some red onions.
I like them as large chunky bits:)
15mins in. I accidentally put the onion in on the first half of the 45mins, would've been perfectly cooked with the last 15mins too.
The world's best garlic press comes from Ikea. I've used the same design for the whole 12-13 years I've lived on my own:) I've been given others too, but this is the best there is, with a removable cylinder for easy cleaning
Freshly squeezed lemon juice. I used only 3-4 teaspoons, rest was saved for a cheese cake I'm making for my grandparents who will visit tomorrow, Sunday (or today as it's 1.30am)
And some chives (ruohosipuli) for finishing touches:)
This is what Mr. Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall's roast looks like:)
And this is mine, not too bad me thinks:) I suppose I conquered my first ever roast! AND found a totally new setting from my oven, ha;)
This meal cost approx. 1.50euros (!),
serving 2 good sized, tummy (over)filling meals
excluding the olive oil, pinch of salt and black pepper
Sure was easy and well GOOD!

x x x


Anna said...

Saia, ihanaa kun olet laittanut ruokareseptejä. :) Muumimamma on mahtava!

Funky Homo sapiens™ said...

Juu, se oli mulla ihan alunperinkin ideana, jotain hassuja juttuja oli tarkoitus, mutta enhan ma mitaan oo kerennyt:) Naakin nyt on tallaisia ihan simppeleita, mutta kivaa vahan ylimaaraista puuhaa itselle kuitenkin:) - Toi kirja on niin ihana:) Yksinkertaisia, mutta kuitenkin ihan hiukan erilaisia perisuomalaiseen verrattuna:) Ja sit jos sais vihdoin ens kesana jotain vahan omastakin maasta:) Superkivaa sunnuntaita:) x x x

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