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River Cottage, VEG Everyday

I love cooking, and love to come up with some-what-weird recipes, which of "Käännytyspiirakka" (*Proselytism Pie) is one of my most "famous" ones:) Käännytyspiirakka was designed to gently convert stubborn meat eaters into "bunny food":) Although I don't believe in forging ism's to people, but Käännytyspiirakka has been very successful in it's mission hence the recipe changing hands amongst the carnivores:)

BUT as my life has been quite hectic and even rather unfortunate the past couple of years, I haven't had much energy to cook:( So my hubby has kindly taken over the daily dinners. He's one of those very insecure cooks who fail to recognise their talents. He is gifted, he is. Everything he makes is a success, I can't even exaggerate the fact, it's so ridiculous, ha:).

I purchased him a veggie cooking course and another focusing on various beans as a Christmas present, just to boost up his confidence:) I expect to hear lot of moaning in the morning of the classes (shhh!), but I bet it'll be very inspiring:)

Anyways, the reason of this post was that I bought him this lovely "Rover Cottage, Veg Everyday"- book to go along the cooking courses:) And on the side, was hoping to get back into my own cooking myself:) I have a new cooker, but have barely used it:(

River Cottage is my ultimate favourite cooking series. I'm not sure if it's ever been shown in Finland, but even as a vegetarian myself, and the cook Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall being a passionate meat lover, he does it honourably, respecting his ingredients and is just some how very sweet and gentle ( in lack of better words). He's just pleasant in every way:)

Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall started the River Cottage series by purchasing a cottage from the English countryside, starting a little garden, trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. Gradually expanding his estate, raising livestock and now he even has staff to look after his ever expanding and versatile garden:)

The River Cottage, Veg Everyday came together when Hugh decided to go strictly veggie for 6 months. I was lucky enough to find the whole series from YouTube, some naughtie had uploaded it, but as long as it's available, please have a look:) 8 episodes altogether- Hope you enjoy!

Here's my first try from the book;
Aubergine and Green Bean Curry
Recipe available online HERE

Sorry about the rubbish pics, good practise for inside shooting
Grounding the coriander (korianteri) and cumin (kumina)
Blending the curry paste, although my (smoothie) blended didn't really do the trick, it as bit of a head ache even though I added some water to make it blend easier and not sticking to the sides so badly ha. (AND late in the evening, I suddenly remembered that I even have this smaller blender, perfect for dressings and pastes, doh)
Lemon grass, ginger, onions, green chili and spices look bit chunky, but it all melts in perfectly when heating them up, so chopping them tiny does the trick even without owning a blender:)
(LOVE!) Aubergine fingers
Adding the paste over fried aubergines
I steamed the French beans rather than allowing them to cook in the curry mix. I just threw them in the very last moment. I think steaming brings out the flavour the best:)
I think I added too much coconut milk, had to simmer for quite long to get rid of the excess liquid:)
And here's the final product:) I also forgot to purchase fresh coriander (for the finishing touches and -taste) And I had read just a day earlier that people with AB+ blood type, heh, should avoid sunflower products so I replaced sunflower oil ith olive oil which is superb with aubergine anyways and don't think it added any extra flavour:)

Cashew nuts on top
I threw half of the curry paste to the freezer so I will have the spice mix ready for another try:) Just need to remember to pay attention to my coconut milk and maybe tad less ginger (inkivääri) and it sure will be a good proper curry challenging the gorgeous, tasty and traditional English veggie curry, made best in Birmingham, UK ♥♥♥

The ingredients for this meal cost 9.70euros (excluding the dry spices)
which I only used half of each = 4.85euros, served two people with generous sized meals. Just to prove that veggie dinners are not at all costly as people often complain about:)

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