Monday, 30 April 2012

Pied Flycatcher

Oh, joy! I had had this birdhouse set up on my favourite tree in the garden, the mighty oak, and it had had several visitors during it's first two years. Even some minimal bedding had appeared, but it just wasn't suitable for anyone, which saddened me:( Until last summer a pair of Pied Flycatchers moved in:) The garden was quite badly tyrannised by two mother Magpies protecting their children, but for some reason the pied flycatchers were not regarded as a hazard:). That was a joyous moment:) AND now they're back in their little birdhouse, weee! The magpies were rather adventurous couple of weeks back, and it's been oddly cool, so I'm suspecting some serious nest building:)

Most people don't seem to like magpies, but I find them very interesting and nice to follow for such large birds:) But they do indeed keep the garden in order, no crows allowed that's for sure, no no no! Someone described the pied flycatchers pretty much exactly the same, but I didn't notice anything like that amongst the smaller birds. In fact we had most species about than any season before.

Anyway, totally rambling, he. I was making some veggie patties when I noticed the return of the pied flycatcher hence the ramble:) I grated some carrots, ginger and parsnip. Chopped in some red onion, garlic and red chili. Fried them a little to soften and mashed in some chic peas and spices (coriander, salt, black pepper and fresh parsley) and some breadcrumbs to absorb the extra moisture for easier handling.
No egg needed! The chic peas provide their own "glue" and are perfectly sticky enough to hold the "dough" together:) Press the chic peas with a fork, do not use a food processor/blender, as the peas will get way too mushy and you will understand what I meant with the "glue";). Also instead of breadcrumbs any other flour of your choice will do, cornflour/polenta even adds a tad of taste, so what ever "rocks your boat", ha. OR one could easily throw in some flax, sesame or hemp seeds for added texture, which will also act as a moisture binder so everything goes:) The mash is then perfect when it doesn't stick to ones hands too badly when handling:) Fry with olive oil (or for extra crispiness can also be deep-fried.)
I served with some season's best fresh green asparagus and a spicy bean salad. Mixed beads (= beans, a designers "Freudian slip", oop;)) mingled with paprika, red onion and fresh basil on a bed of mixed salad leaves (optional). Marinated with a mix of organic olive oil, half a lemon, Dijon mustard, dried thyme, and chervil, salt and black pepper,
Have a wicked Mayday!
x x x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Allow me to introduce you "Kreemitär";
a customer of mine who makes these absolutely gorgeous cakes and other baked goodies! She's looking into starting her own business so all the thumbs up it'll happen soon! * EDIT, since 2nd of May 2012, Kreemitär is now a registered Trademark, CONGRATS Outi! How exciting!:)

She is so creative, and such a talented photographer as well!
The visual pleasure is out of this earth!
I bet, my hero, heh, Martha Stewart would adore her!


Kreemitär is a Southern Finland based cake artist:)
You can find her on facebook HERE
All photographs © Outi / Kreemitär

Have a beautiful weekend!
p.s. Simply couldn't resist them Xmas- related photies, hehe, 241 days for Christmas 2012!;)
x x x

For Cuteness Sake

What greater gift than the love of a cat?
- Charles Dickens

Varpu Varpunen
Born in Hattula, 22.9.2010
Enjoys life in Männikkö, Vihti, Finland
x x x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Open Up Your Mind, See Deep Inside, Tell me What You Find

My post yesterday was bit negative, even it wasn't meant to come across that way. And even karma finally happened, I still wouldn't wish anything bad for anyone, even if they truly deserved it by trying to harm or damage (me). So the post bothers me a bit, but I will leave it visible, as it still carries an extremely important message about life. About love and caring. About honesty, dignity, responsibility and respect.

So I "lighten" my quilt by forwarding a selection of my favourite photos.
The original post is circling around fb, and when I finally clicked the link, the photos made me cheer up. I'm quite high-in-energy type of a person, but have had a bit of a rough start for a day, so here you are, hope they'll do their trick for you as well:) And don't forget to check rest of the pics from the link!

Have a beautiful and sun filled day!
Give a cuddle to your loved ones, or anyone/"stranger" who looks like they need one; and instant karma will occur- You'll see:)
"Never take a person's dignity:
it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you."
- Frank Barron

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Truth Will Out

 ♥ Kiitos Maailmankaikkeuden Oikeuslaitos 
Karma korjas
"To be nobody, but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never give up."

above © poster available HERE

Friday, 20 April 2012

Polkka Jam S/S 2012

New gorgeous Polkka Jam spring goodies have arrived to
the Funky Homo sapiens- Boutique.
My favourite colours, ahhhh!:)
Photies © Polkka Jam

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maijaa Kaikki Rakastaa

Mmm, Faux roe (made from algae) "blini" as a Bday starter, although I like the stuff on toast:)

Black (which I like the best from red and orange) faux roe, smetana ("sour cream"), black pepper and red onions (or shallot). Very tasty!
Heh, I accidentally stumbled upon this Bee- mini plush, which was hiding in my mum's wardrobe:) Hehhe, I've made it at 1st grade in elementary school:) Maya the Bee (Maija Mehiläinen) was a huge hit back then:) Very, very shabby looking, but made me giggle.
x x x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kauppa & Galleria Talli

Vihdin Kivijalkaputiikki on suljettu lauantaina 21.4.2012,
sillä meidät löytää Espoosta, Finnoontie 3, klo 10-16:00;
Kauppa & Galleria Tallin kevätmyyjäisistä:)

Koko perheen tapahtumassa mm. talutusratsastusta, seppä valaa silumiinikirjaimia, hiukopalaa sekä tietenkin kädentaitajat tuotteineen galleria puolella:) Lämpimästi tervetuloa!
x x x

Sekä Hiidenopiston Kevätnäyttely Nummelan Työväentalolla, Rientolassa,
La & Su 21- 22.4.2012, klo 11-16. Pisteenkaari 3, 03400 Vihti. Ilmainen sisäänpääsy

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Happy Birthday to me!:)
Crocuses are greeting the spring:)
I received these two Moomin mugs for my birthday. The yellow-
black one is the Helsinki Design Capital 2012- special edition mug, which I absolutely love and was ever so eager to get to my collection.:) 2012 cups are looking so beautiful so far, very much to my taste, heh:) The enamel cup is equally as pretty! I absolutely love the colours and the detail of Moominpappa reading Agatha Christie on the non display side, ha:)
Björn Fågelson is helping mummy (Lumi at the back):). I also got these lovely Arabia porcelain Moomin figurines (Santa gave me Moomin himself, he was blogged HERE). Very Moomin filled Bday then, heh (AND Christmas, he). I keep being amazed how I haven't received any doubles except for 2-3 mugs over the years. It might appear that I'm a very keen and ever so enthusiastic Moomin collector, but I'm not really:) I do love Moomins, I do(!), but them Moomin related goodies just appear to be drawn to me, heh:) Alas, not complaining, just funny!:)
Last week I was drooling after these beautiful Jamie Oliver gardening tools! I said out loud that I would absolutely love if one day my (company's) name/logo was burned-in anything as beautiful as the Jamie Oliver's gardening range. So I was amazed to receive this beautiful Jamie Oliver's gardening tool/potting bench top as a present:) Thank you so much! Photo © HomeSpace
And a Jamie Oliver Garden Dibber! Love it!
Gosh, better dash, I'm supposed to have a dinner with my parents in couple of hours and meet my kid brother's new girlfriend for the first time! My parent's got me this beautiful metal framed sofa(bed) which I've been searching for couple of years from various web-auction sites. I'm so happy! I'll be finally able to finish the upstairs' living room. The "sofa" will frame my guest bed:) Thanks a ton, soo happy! Product photo © Asko
Hope I'm not insulting or annoying anyone with my over- excited ramble, I don't mean to boast or anything like that, I'm not that sort of person! I truly hate the material- orientated lifestyle of today's world. I'm just excited and touched by the beautiful pressies I was lucky to receive for my special day, everything was muchly appreciated and will be cherished. Thank you so much!
x x x

P.s. Must add, he! The very same second I pressed enter I received a newsletter from how to make your very own DIY potting table, so here are your instructions, he!:)
Do it Yourself ( In Finnish, apologies, Tee- Se- Itse Kukkapöytä)

x x x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Let There Be Light

Dahlia,'s funny looking tuber:) Dahlia, Lucky Number in pink (Daalia)
Phaseolus Vulgaris, Common Bean (Salkopapu, Tarhapapu) took off really quickly. On a second day was already pushing through strong looking shoots:)
Rubbish photo, but my Aubergines have finally taken off, yei!
This particular one is Black Beauty
Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet Pea (Hajuherne) in white
Lupine looks so pretty and wonderfully distinctive even as a such a tiny shoot
Spring Onion, can't remember which species, I have a couple
Baby Corn looks pretty:) (Minimaissi)
Tagetes Erecta, Mexican (Aztek) Marigold in WHITE:) (Isosamettikukka)
(Mixed) Gourds have been transferred to a larger pot:)
Artichoke, yum yum, growing strong! (Artisokka)
Matthiola Longipetala also known as Night- Scented Stock (Kreikanleukoija) grew up super quick, planted on Sunday evening, had huge growth the very next day.
Weee, my Papaver Somniferums (opium poppy, Oopiumiunikko) are reaching towards the sky, I'm so excited! All three colours are growing; Flemish Antique , Purple Peony & Swansdown which are all very large and full; peony like flowers
8th day suffering from a horrible tummy bug:( Hope you've stayed healthy this spring!:)
x x x
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