Monday, 9 April 2012

OOAK Mr Owl Rabbit

Funky Homo sapiens- Boutique turned 1 year old today, April 8th 2012:)
Boutique peeps spent the day relaxing at the Botonical Garden in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. They host a special tulip expo which ends tomorrow 9th, so, please, go and have a peek if you're into spring flowers:)

AND allow me to introduce you "Mr Owl Rabbit", first of his kind, a Funky Owl.:)
The pattern / idea is actually older than Funky Bambi, who turn 5 years old this year. As I have very limited amount of "spare time" he took a tad longer, ha, to make his first appearance, so here you are and hope you like:)

He was named by loveliest and prettiest little 3 year old, called Melissa, who lives in good ol' England:) Thank you sooo much for the help!:) I'm sorted for the next owlie too, ha:)

Her mum told me that Mr Owl Rabbit made her laugh so hard she got hiccups: That's probably the best feedback I've ever received, heh:)
Making people laugh is my goal in life;
to add laughter and colour to the world:)

x x x

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