Monday, 16 April 2012

Let There Be Light

Dahlia,'s funny looking tuber:) Dahlia, Lucky Number in pink (Daalia)
Phaseolus Vulgaris, Common Bean (Salkopapu, Tarhapapu) took off really quickly. On a second day was already pushing through strong looking shoots:)
Rubbish photo, but my Aubergines have finally taken off, yei!
This particular one is Black Beauty
Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet Pea (Hajuherne) in white
Lupine looks so pretty and wonderfully distinctive even as a such a tiny shoot
Spring Onion, can't remember which species, I have a couple
Baby Corn looks pretty:) (Minimaissi)
Tagetes Erecta, Mexican (Aztek) Marigold in WHITE:) (Isosamettikukka)
(Mixed) Gourds have been transferred to a larger pot:)
Artichoke, yum yum, growing strong! (Artisokka)
Matthiola Longipetala also known as Night- Scented Stock (Kreikanleukoija) grew up super quick, planted on Sunday evening, had huge growth the very next day.
Weee, my Papaver Somniferums (opium poppy, Oopiumiunikko) are reaching towards the sky, I'm so excited! All three colours are growing; Flemish Antique , Purple Peony & Swansdown which are all very large and full; peony like flowers
8th day suffering from a horrible tummy bug:( Hope you've stayed healthy this spring!:)
x x x

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