Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Uusi ihana jälleenmyyjä Desapi
avaa lauantaina 3.12.2011 Huittisissa
@ Lauttakylänkatu 21

Funky Homo sapiensilta saapuu jouluksi ainakin
kamee- kaulakoruja, ja tammikuun puolella
konkkaronkallinen Funky Bambeja:)

Sylikaupalla onnea uudelle putiikille,
sekä ihanalle omistaja- Sarille!
x x x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

1 year old Birthday Girl, with her brand new Funky Phant (no.7)
Happy Birthday!
Photies © Riikka, Thank you so much! x x x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Snow No Show

I purchased myself another Day Break last Saturday, in form of a Christmas Wreath Making- Course which was held in Veturi, Siuntio.:)

It's not a secret that I looove the year's biggest holiday, but if anyone is searching for a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit, a Wreath making- mini course is a thumps up from me!:)

If speaking about wreaths, it's virtually free, most costly thing is your own time and if you have any to spare, the fir and willow branches are easily collected. Just respect the tree, cut wisely and act as a tree surgeon for a half an hour, you'll end up doing the tree a favour, and willows are going to be as bushy in the spring time anyways:) Moss is tad more trickier, as they are protected by a conservation law, but if you find a spot that will not harm the delicate ecosystem and collect moderately, you'll be most fine:) AND if you remember to spray it with water every now and then, the moss will continue its life circle on your wreath for months on end, if not longer:)

Happy Holiday Crafting! x x x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm Special! I Glow in the Dark

♥♥♥ I'm extra special and need a loving home ♥♥♥
I glow in the dark and keep the crawly monster at bay
hence my name "Care-a-Lot"
I'm available for good and caring forever homes only
x x x

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I was inspired to make a range of veggie Funky Bambies by reading gorgeous Koemaistaja- blog:)

The aubergine one is my favourite as it's my favourite veggie:) My mum makes this heavenly oven baked "Aubergine Towers" hence the name "Mums's favourite recipe", heh.

Here you can read about my attempts of raising my own aubergines, ha. It's mid November, but I've already ordered next spring's batch of various Aubergine seeds, fingers crossed for a successful crop summer 2012:)

Here are the Bambies:
"Pickled Onions" (SOLD!)
"Mum's Favourite Recipe"
"Sergeant Pepper"
Veggie Product pics via Google
x x x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Cards, weee!

I've always dreamed of having my own postcards made. I needed some Gift Cards for the Boutique for Christmas season, so I finally had my first go:) I'm so excited!

The card stock and printing quality is ever so superb
and I think the cards turned out quite lovely:)
Hope you like!
Available HERE
x x x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pantamessut goes Christmas

The first ever Finnish collar Expo was celebrated back in September 2011!
We are ever so proud to invite you to join us for the Collar Expo Christmas Extravaganza, Saturday 10th of December 2011, 10- 15:00!

@ Avoinluokka; Lahelantie 280B, Tuusula, Southern Finland
Please contact avoinluokka(AT)gmail.com for further info

Exhibitors included are
Christina's Dog Corner
Ebba & Albus
Funky Homo sapiens
Kana Shop

Facebook event HERE

Please join us for a wicked pre- Christmas celebration and find beautiful hand made presents for your furry friends:)

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