Monday, 27 June 2011

Pirkanmaan Eläinsuojeluyhdistys

Nitrobabe, Tampereelta tiedottaa:
"KISS KISS KISS - Tuo Kissanruokaa meille - saat 10% alen ostoksista!!
Pirkanmaan eläinsuojeluyhdistyksellä on taas paljon kodittomia kissoja!
Varsinkin penturuoasta pulaa! Autetaan kaikki ihania karvakamuja:)

( Koskee myös Funky Homo sapiens- tuotteita!:) )

Kuvassa Halla, Afgaaninvinttikoira
sekä kaksoset Varpu Varpunen ja Björn Fågelsson

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

2Hands Muuttaa!

Vielä kerkeää, 2Hands, Nurmijärvellä, sulkee ovensa heinäkuun ajaksi!
Laajin valikoima tällä hetkellä Suomessa uniikkeja FUNKY BAMBEJA,
sekä koruja ja vauvan töppösiä vielä jäljellä!
2Hands avaa uusissa tiloissa lauantaina 6.8.2011, Klaukkalassa.
Photos © 2Hands

Monday, 20 June 2011

Funky Phant Bag

NEW! One Of A Kind Funky Phant- Hand Bags
will be available
at Limbo
(Annankatu 13, Helsinki, Finland)
before the schools begin in August:)

And On Commission.
Available commission slots between 11th - 24th July 2011
Choose your own fabrics from +300 different 100% cottons

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Affies Vol.2

Last week was one super busy week, another killer one has just begun, phew
But something ever so nice was celebrated last weekend, 11th and 12th of June 2011;
The 45th Anniversary National Speciality of Afghan Hound Club of Finland:)

Here's couple of tasters from the Saturday 11.6.2011
at Tuomarinkartanon Vinttikoirakeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Khaos Devenish
Zagorias No regrets
Yhazin Finders Keepers
Yhazin Freelancer
Xaga's Sirius Black
Oshanameh's Golden Creme
Sonates Carnival Colors
Here's link to the 2010 National Speciality of Afghan Hound Club of Finland
And here's link to the whole Flickrs set
Hope you likes:) x x x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Iris Apfel, the Superhero

Gosh, I've totally been neglecting one of my favourite daily reads, Apartment Therapy
I'm currently working with my OOAK line of Funky Phant handbags, and should be sewing like there's no end, but stole a break, and what did I find! Ahhh, a fabulous post, about one of the world's most fabulous and ever so talented designers, Iris Apfel, in her honourable age of 88, bless her!

Original post here
Architectural Digest had featured her (did I already say fabulous?) home
(Photos courtesy of Architectural Digest 2011)
Look! There she is, her fabulous self, standing amongst all of her fabulousness!

And Mrs Apfel in all of her fashion glory
Well, too many pics to choose from, but to save you the trouble, here's the link to her Google images, ah and yum!
And, like the Apartment Therapy post said, if you ever have an extra moment and that unexplainable craving for something new, wicked and fashion related, and you're not exactly sure how to fill the hunger- Order that "Iris Apfel- Rare Bird of the Fashion" and you will not be disappointed! She's the original 20th century extraordinaire (and 21st!)!

Who's your favourite designer, and why?:)
x x x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Daiga Daiga Duu Goes Matryoshka

Absolutely gorgeous NEW! Matryoshka- brooches and hair pins
have arrived to Funky Homo sapiens- Boutique, so yummy, soft and comfy!
Hand Made and Designed in kuopio, Finland by Daida Daiga Duu
Available here:)
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