Monday, 9 August 2010

Hakkapeliitta, Mustiala, Tammela 7.8.2010

A friend of mine invited me to attend the yearly Hakkapeliitta- event in Mustiala's Manor (7- 8.8-2010) which celebrates the Finnish Arts and Crafts period in the 15th century. The event was packed with stands featuring artists ranging from gothic jewellery, cast iron gates, handles and bits, hand made jams and other goodies, clothing to accessories, furniture and everything in between. All the stands, as well as the crafters were dressed from head to toe in linen clothing, and the audience were entertained by various musicians playing their part as well as the fancier upper class folk including the king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and his court having a strut amongst the public.

How Sick is This Teddy Trooper!

Another accidental and ever so happy bump into amazing talents:)
I've known the existence of these wicked dudes previously,
but when I stumbled upon this piece I had to share:)
Ta daa:
It took 6 weeks from Honet, Sozyone, Craig KR Costello and Flying Förtress to finish off this some- what gigantic 50 meter high tower called "Bierpinsel" in Berlin Steglitz, Germany. I wouldn't mind seeing similar projects here in Finland either, or anywhere across the globe:)
More info and pics HERE **

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** All photos courtesy of Flying Förtress
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