Thursday, 14 November 2013

AB + Punahallakko Giveaway


And yei; Boutique portal in a co-op with blogger
AnKa from Punahallakko are having a Funky Homo sapiens giveaway:)

On offer this OOAK necklace featuring a vintage fawn and 8mm wooden beads;
hand beaded with tons of love:)

To enter; please leave a comment on Punahallakko's page
All photies © AnKa / Punahallakko
Thank you so much, I love them- so pretty!:)

Good luck! Ends Nov 23rd!

Funky Homo sapiens in Facebook
x x x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Charity Auction ends Nov 15th!

Save the Dogs (Kodittomien Koirien Ystävät) is organising a charity auction to raise funds for Romanian dogs!
Funky Homo sapiens has donated this OOAK vegan hound collar, a Saluki necklace and a pair of wooden kitty stud earrings:)

                                                      The collar measures 35- 38cm x 5cm. 

Please hurry, the auction ends Nov 15th +2GMT!

Over 70 donated pieces to choose from:) 

Please place your bid by commenting each product you like (bidding in Euros), BUT IF you are from ABROAD/ OVERSEAS, please check from the item donator first, as we are all donating the shipping as well!

I will post my, Funky Homo sapiens, pieces worldwide!:)

Good luck!
Any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

x x x

Monday, 11 November 2013


Kaikkea ihanaa, erityisproggista ja jännittävää luvassa muutaman viikon sisään. Harmittaa, kun ei oikein pysty pysähtymään ja nauttimaan- Stressimasu, unenpuute ja murhe kissan terveydestä; eilen illalla tuli takapakkia:(

Tänään, MA 11.11.2013, kuitenkin on:
 Funky Homo sapiensin päivä Bellaputiikissa:)
Facebookissa infoa myös:)

Ihanaa, aurinkoista, stressivapaata ja inspiroivaa uutta viikkoa!
x x x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nuppu has fallen ill:(

Urgent personal appeal for my sickly fallen 11 year old kitty, Nuppu:(
I spent yesterday (Saturday 2nd) at an emergency clinic.
I'm missing 305euros from the vet's bill, due friday Nov. 8th:(
As a desperate personal appeal to raise the funds, I've placed 
everything on sale at the web boutique!

To redeem the code, please write "NUPPU" at the bottom left 
corner at the shopping basket. Absolutely everything is on offer; rare Funky Bambies, hound collars, 925 Sterling silver pieces- everything OOAK! Brand new handmade jewellery, last minute Father's Day gifts- Everything!

Tons of apologies, hope I'm not offending anyone by sharing!:(

Today, Sunday: Nuppu appears to be better and more alert. Has been playing and running about, but heavily medicated so slightly on my toes, and not hundred percent sure how he really is. Vet will give more info tomorrow about any possible inflammation, and if we need more meds, or additional drainage of his urethra.

Nuppu will be on a special diet for the rest of his life, but I'm not too worried about that. Luckily things have evolved within the 10 years when I had my first experience of special dietary foods for kitties. Now I have 6 brands to choose from, rather than just one, and one flavor!

Fingers tightly crossed

The code is only applicable today, Nov 3rd and Monday 4th. That's simply because I wouldn't be able to process the payment for Friday in time:(

Thank you! 
Lots of love for everyone who have already come to Nuppu's aid!
Special thank you for those lovely personal letters of encouragement!
x x x 
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