Saturday, 25 September 2010

Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Yum Yum! or Nam Nam as we Finns say..
Check out these juicy extraordinary candy apples
Lollipops sugar Shoppe in Etsy have created!
How wicked are these!

I've once tasted a candy apple bought from Sainsbury's. I'm not saying it was bad, but it just wasn't my cup of tea, but then again maybe a mass market produced ones are not exactly comparable with the handmade ones:) I wish Loppipops Sugar Shoppe would ship to Finland, ha! They'd be the best seller in my Halloween party, no doubt:)


All the pics © Lollipops Sugar Shoppe
Please see the Daily Icing blog for other creative goodies too!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Thank You

Lady from the neighbouring house of ours brought us some lovely and juicy plums last Sunday. I didn't have anything to swap or offer as everything I've grown is still too tiny and raw, but I painted her a postcard, ha. The colours are bit wonky (I blame the skanner, ha), but anyhoo. Thank you for the lovely plums Mrs. Next Door Neighbour!

x x x

ink, acrylics and Uni Posca on postcard

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Associazione Mattia Fagnoni Onlus

Couple of months ago a name Mattia Fagnoni jumped out to my Facebook profile via a friend. Turned out that Mattia is a little, 3 year old, boy from Napoli, Italy, battling an extremely rare and terminal genetic disease called a "Sandhoff Syndrome". The Fagnoni family were seeking artists to donate custom pieces in order to raise funds for the little boy and his cause. Little did we know back then that today Mattia has a following of +2700 (mainly) artists and designers from all over the world:) All the pieces will be exhibited in 4 events called "Zerostigmata Benefit Collective" and then auctioned in order to raise the needed funds!

Good luck for Mattia and Mattia's family and on my behalf: Thank you for all the fellow artists and designers for the wonderful job they have done!

At the top, my piece, called Cadere Colori
Ink, acrylics, crayons and Uni Posca on Plywood

x x x

Lumius Keisari

Monday, Next week, it's been exactly a year since our precious little Lumi- the kitten arrived to our door step and chose his home. He had his whiskers clipped off, painted(?) ear tips and the tip of his tail is bent. No one missed him so we were more than happy to allow him to stay in a forever home he himself had chosen.

He's healthy and happy with his new kitty siblings and doggy brothers:)
Here's Lumi or Lumius Ceasar last autumn (2009) soon after his arrival, looking pretty comfy:)
Here he is couple of weeks ago, all grown up:)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Cab Grinding Part 1

I've finally got back into silver smithing and jewellery stone grinding:)
My second work room which will act as my silver smithing studio is coming along slowly, but steadily:) I'm just missing an anvil and a good gas welding torch (which appears to be a nightmarishly difficult to find!), and some tiny bits and bobs:) I'm so excited! One of my retailers, Mereija in Helsinki, has already promised that I can expand my collection into OOAK Sterling Silver pieces. Fingers crossed we'll have at least a small collection for the forthcoming Christmas:)

Here's a piece that I started today:)
It will be a 33mm x 44mm cab of Norwegian Pearl Granite
(larvikiitti in Finnish)
Doesn't look like much at the moment, but I think the Norwegian Pearl Granite is actually a very beautiful stone; dark grey to black with rich silvery bits that looks like tiny mirrors reflecting the light.

Next step is to grind it into a dome-ish shape. Watch out for the part 2. :)


Have you started a new hobby this autumn?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Autumn Skies

Most people know that I'm not exactly a summer person, but I'm quite proud of myself how I managed to contain myself and not nag about the way tooo hot climate we had this summer in Finland. Apparently most of the summer was much hotter than pretty much any other part of Europe and hotter than the "always hot" summer hol countries like Italy, Greece and Spain.

Well anyhoo, as quickly as the ever so snowy, record breaking winter, turned into summer, the autumn also arrived by snap of the fingers. Not much of the fall colours to be seen as of yet, but the temperature plummeted to +8 today, ha. Not complaining, I love my scarves, mittens and beanies:) And of course, like every autumn, am getting anxious for the first snow flakies and Christmas, my favourite holiday:)

But before the autumn storms arrive, (hope everyone is safe from the EARL in US!) I wanted to share some of the late summer piccies:) These are from my grandparent's garden in Helsinki:



What's your favourite season, and what do you enjoy most about it?:)

New Stuff

New Stuff Arriving to Daiga Daiga Duu in Kuopio and Jeti Shop (ex- Polkka Jam- store) in Turku early next week:)

New thingies also arriving to
Limbo, Helsinki
Mereija, Helsinki
All Fur Dogz, Helsinki

* OOAK Mickey Mouse and huge button necklaces; purple in Limbo, Helsinki
and orange in Mereija, Helsinki. Available NOW! Light green buttons in Daiga daiga duu next week:) More colours coming soon:)
x x x
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