Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Associazione Mattia Fagnoni Onlus

Couple of months ago a name Mattia Fagnoni jumped out to my Facebook profile via a friend. Turned out that Mattia is a little, 3 year old, boy from Napoli, Italy, battling an extremely rare and terminal genetic disease called a "Sandhoff Syndrome". The Fagnoni family were seeking artists to donate custom pieces in order to raise funds for the little boy and his cause. Little did we know back then that today Mattia has a following of +2700 (mainly) artists and designers from all over the world:) All the pieces will be exhibited in 4 events called "Zerostigmata Benefit Collective" and then auctioned in order to raise the needed funds!

Good luck for Mattia and Mattia's family and on my behalf: Thank you for all the fellow artists and designers for the wonderful job they have done!

At the top, my piece, called Cadere Colori
Ink, acrylics, crayons and Uni Posca on Plywood

x x x

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