Monday, 13 September 2010

Cab Grinding Part 1

I've finally got back into silver smithing and jewellery stone grinding:)
My second work room which will act as my silver smithing studio is coming along slowly, but steadily:) I'm just missing an anvil and a good gas welding torch (which appears to be a nightmarishly difficult to find!), and some tiny bits and bobs:) I'm so excited! One of my retailers, Mereija in Helsinki, has already promised that I can expand my collection into OOAK Sterling Silver pieces. Fingers crossed we'll have at least a small collection for the forthcoming Christmas:)

Here's a piece that I started today:)
It will be a 33mm x 44mm cab of Norwegian Pearl Granite
(larvikiitti in Finnish)
Doesn't look like much at the moment, but I think the Norwegian Pearl Granite is actually a very beautiful stone; dark grey to black with rich silvery bits that looks like tiny mirrors reflecting the light.

Next step is to grind it into a dome-ish shape. Watch out for the part 2. :)


Have you started a new hobby this autumn?

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