Thursday, 31 May 2012

Apple Blossoms

I had a lovely meeting with one of my "milliner sisters" today at Kaapelitehdas. We had a fruitful luncheon at Hima and Sali, and I'm just about to burst to be able to publish some well exciting news, but we shall wait until the beginning of July!:) Hihii!

I've been silently queuing for a studio from Kaapelitehdas since 2002, hah. I haven't visited one of my favourite places since I left to UK, but it was so funny how all the bustle and hustle was just the same like I had never left. I love the energy of the place, the constant movement; so creative and exciting! And the smell, hah. It's not like a bad smell, but it's a very specific smell to Kaapelitehdas:)

Lady Luck could you please sort me out a studio from that magical place?:)

Anyhoos, spring is in full blossom and some very funny sparrows made a ruckus at the neighbour's apple tree stealing some blossoms for tea:)
x x x

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Beautiful Sloughi
Elegantin Magma
Zora at home
Born 10th August 2010
@ Helsinki Group Show
Tuomarinkylän Vinttikoirakeskus
Helsinki, Finland
x x x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Frosteruksen Puutarhapäivät

Sat 19.5.2012 in Ahmoo, Karkkila
Frosteruksen Puutarhapäivät, was a Open Doors- type of an event in a local perennial and potting flower company who supplies most of the largest gardening centres in Finland:) One of the owner's plays basketball in the same team with my hubby, so it was extra lovely to show some support:)
I was hoping to bump into Anna from Koemaistaja, who has a summer cottage around our area, but apparently we just missed each other, ha, my rubbish luck as always!

Here's my loot, three huge boxes. And here's Anna's:)
We purchased Dahlias in different colours & sizes (daalia)
3 x Fuchsias in pink, alba and fuchsia (verenpisara)
Nasturtiums (koristekrassi)
Some smaller potted rose in pink, which is called mother's Day Rose in Finnish, but not sure what the species is exactly (äitienpäiväruusu)
Violas (orvokki)
and some Osteospermums (Tähtisilmä)

Hmm, the colour palette is quite consistent, heh
Work in Progress; Patio
200kg's of compost will be quickly demolished
Some previous purchases from earlier this week:
Peonies (Shirley Temple)
Bleeding Hearts in pink and alba
Common Houseleeks (mehitähti) for the rock garden- section
More Violas
and some Campadula Carpaticas which is a type of a bellflower. I'm not familiar with it, but took it because of the height and the correct colour; white:) (Karpaattienkello)
Have a beautiful weekend!
x x x

Monday, 14 May 2012

S/S 2012: Pink & Turquoise

Andy Eats Only Candy Fabric Prints
Daiga Daiga Duu Upcycled Retro Fabrics
Daiga Daiga Duu Pencil Cases, Make- Up Bags and Mini zippers
Funky Homo sapiens OOAK Funky Pear
Lankalikka Collage Mini zipper Purse
Polkka Jam NEW! S/S2012 cards and kitchen towels
Funky Homo sapiens OOAK Bookmarks
Available HERE
x x x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day!

Cinnamon Buns in Finnish (vegan) style:)
Tea Towel by Polkka Jam
Happy Mother's Day!
X x X

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Siivouspäivä, Vihdin Kirkonkylä

12.5.2012, 10- 14:00
Vihdin Kirkonkylä
"Cleaning Day", Flea market event

We blew our "budget" within seconds of walking into the event, ha!
Our early 1900's Chippandale settee set received its worthy coffee table:)
x x x

Friday, 11 May 2012

So Tired

It's been raining quite a bit this week;
Beautiful Narcissus have made their appearance:)
Hope you have had a lovely week!
Out with the sadness in with the goodness!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

For Noa

Funky Homo sapiens 100% Vegan Collar set
with matching leash and tassel.
Leash with a heavy duty greyhound- safe clasp

29cm x 6cm for a White Galgo called Noa
165cm leash

The leashes are rather lovely looking, and soft to touch, yet durable and strong, but cost pennies compared to the time spent, phew! Countless hours;
3 double coated leashes = 6 fingers taped up, ha
(not a complaining though, but, ha:))

Monday, 7 May 2012

For Betty

Funky Homo sapiens 100% Vegan Hound Collar
with a matching leash and (vegan) tassel

31cm x 6cm
leash measures 165cm (x 2.5cm)
for a brindle Galgo called Betty:)
x x x
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