Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lucky Clover

Ah, heavenly! Our front garden has grown a 800m2 sea of sweetest smelling clover. So beautiful! I prohibited my hubby not to cut them down:) I'm one of those (lucky or unfortunate) people whose lives are ruled or ruined by an extremely strong sense of smell. By living in UK for quite a few years, I had lost the child- like excitement and memory of the wild flowers, ancient forest in their natural state and other rural areas not touched by a human (mostly ever) that are pretty much extinct in the UK. Although I do love the English country side, and not complaining about the city living either, but it's different when compared to something so organic, unique and original.

To follow pics from our garden 9.7.2010. First coming up my new ultimate favourite "Karjalanneito". Haven't managed to find much info about it, but roughly translated "The maiden of Karelia". I promised myself to research deeper into the species and try to find if other colours exist! It's so beautiful and hardly needs any maintenance. Has kept its beautiful rich flowers for several weeks since I bought it. Must have more, and would absolutely love to grown some of my own from the seeds if lucky:)

What's your favourite garden plant?
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