Monday, 26 July 2010

Mini Trip

As an entrepreneur it's sometimes (or always) quite hard to find time for one self, or simply be able to resist the work and have a break. As a result, things can get tiring and one simply runs out of energy or like I, get constantly ill:( Times like these, everyone being on their summer holidays, except me. I should be preparing for the coming CHRISTMAS (yup!), makes things even more hard to take some time off. So I finally put an end to my "suffering" and stole myself a mini break, droving about in couple of cities around the Southern Finland:)

The trip started from Vihti, via Mustio, Karjaa, Hanko, Tammisaari and Fiskars.
First stop; Mustio's Manor house, or Castle like it's known nowadays, and its stunning gardens! (1780's):

Hanko, the southernmost tip of the continental Finland, known for its beautiful late 1800's to early 1900's villas, fine beaches and summer events, such as Hanko's Regatta for sailing enthusiasts
Fiskars: Some of the more crafty people may recognise the name as one of the finest scissor labels in the world, but it's also a very darling little village located close to Karjaa, a true birth down for the scissors (and other quality tools!) mentioned:) just less than an hour away from Helsinki. The photo below, of course, is a silly example of the word "Fiskars", but for some odd reason I've been drawn to lost feathers for past... I don't know.. several months, and I amused all the stand byers by rushing to sit down by this "invisible" thing and shot it for several good long minutes:)

More pics to follow from Hanko and Fiskars when I have a spare moment to sit down and resize them:) Another mini hols waits around the corder, it's summer cottage time in Luvia for me and the hounds, at the West Coast Finland, for the next two days:) Wouldn't really have the time, but..:)

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