Saturday, 3 July 2010

1 year on and (hopefully) many more!

1 Year in Finland after 6 in UK, and 1 year anniversary of our house:)

One year ago a rented camper van left behind a house on The Crescent, South London. Packed with an Afghan hound, Four cats, 2 rabbits and 8 gerbils. The moving van with rest of the stuff was arriving 1.5 weeks later.

After a day with no sleep, hassle and last minute vet checks for the cats and the dog, it was 2am in the morning when the huge camper van started its engine heading towards Dover, Kent.

A ferry from Dover left 5am towards Dunkerque, France. After a shock of having to leave the furry kids behind in the van, a 1.2hour ferry trip in the early morning hours wasn't too bad at all:) And to our huge amazement, the approx. 9 hour drive, breaks included, from the French sea side through Belgium and Netherlands towards Travem√ľnde, Germany, went surprisingly well with no trouble at all:)

Here's our darling Naomi, 10yers old, with his world's longest whiskers, taking his 2 day ferry ride from Germany to Helsinki, Finland, very smoothly:
Naomi Pesukarhu, who we sadly lost just less than 6 months later for an advanced lung cancer:( He's already seriously ill in this photo, and it breaks my heart to know it now:( In order to gain the EU Pet Passport he was given a full health check, and for his age, he had had a series of x-rays taken (for other reasons), but the cancer was to our very misfortune never detected:( Rest in peace mummy's first born! He was one extraordinary cat he was! There's a huge irreplaceable piece missing from our family dynamics!:( BUT having said this I'm ever so happy that we had a chance to bring him back to his home land. Being able to enjoy the fresh air and clean, green environment, and that we had a chance to bury him to our own garden, under the apple tree. Love you always my little Angel! x x x

For not getting too sad, here's Nuppu, our 8year old, cruising happily about the Baltic Sea:
Here's Villa, the gerbil, pretty comfy too, me thinks!
And this is the sight that greeted us in July, heavenly!
I love to come home, every single day!

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