Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Two Hounds by the Seaside:)

Two days of limitless swimming and endless playing without brushes, collars, leads or rules:)

@ Pikku- Pukki Island in Luvia, at the gulf of Bothnia, Finland.

Boat pics from Laitakari harbour, Luvia, featuring the beautiful fully hand made, nails and all, ketch called Ihana (lovely) that was just released few days back. Still waiting for its masts, due next year, to set the sails to sea:) 4 years and thousands of hours of voluntary labour! Beautiful!


Liisa T. said...

Oi-joi, tutulta näyttää! :D

Funky Homo sapiens™ said...

Äsh, miksei täällä voi peukuttaa:) <3 Luvia <3 x x x

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