Monday, 20 February 2012

Snow & Sunshine

It's been such stunning day with sunshine!:)

We had a good snowfall yesterday, so much that the plowing peeps didn't manage to sort out the local roads which lead us to drive into a ditch just couple of meters from home, heh:) But funnily (I don't really know any of my neighbours) within seconds, before we even had a chance to squeeze out of the car an approx. ten headed group of people ran to help and we literally lifted the car from the ditch. I was so taken by these people's willingness to help. All of them live just few doors down the road, but have remained strangers which has been kinda sad, but this unfortunate and quite funny event brought people together:) So millions of thank you's for my superb neighbours in Kantotie, Männikkö, Vihti!

I was supposed to start my long-awaited week long winter holiday, but I'm still faffing about and trying to finish couple of commissions until I can stop and start relaxing and enjoying my break:)

Riikka was ever so sweet and sent me a holiday greeting in a form of her gorgeous greyhound Demi who we made a custom vegan collar for:) Riikka is such a darling, ever so sweet and thoughtful = a true Funky Homo sapien;) <3 Thank you ever so much, Riikka! x x x

So here you are; Demi the Greyhound, from Finland, wearing her new Funky Homo sapiens collar which matches perfectly with her winter coat:)
Photies © Riikka
Commission Funky Bambi
Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat Presents:
Open House- event
Wed 22nd of Feb 2012, 12- 18:00

Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat is an association with an open work studio for peeps
with basic knowledge/training in silversmithing or stone grinding:)
(Poster by me, the freshly baked "publicist")

Thursday, 16 February 2012

5th Anniversary, Special Edition

‎2012 marks the 5th Anniversary Year for Funky Homo sapiens OOAK Funky Bambies!:)

I will be making a range of Special Edition 5th Anniversary Bambies, and this is the first; "Winter Wonderland"

For some reason as she progressed she started to remind me of Daphne Guinness, heh. Although from my perspective, as a fashion designer, I find Miss Guinness very interesting, bold and ever so stylish:) So it's a definite bonus and hope not an insult to Miss Guinness:)

Hope you like!

Happy 5th Anniversary to all Funky Bambi owners worldwide:)
x x x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Apple Cheeks

Commission Funky Bambi and her new owner, Little Miss Elmi from Savitaipale, Finland:) - Look at that precious smile! In this particular photo Elmi reminds me of one of my ultimate favourite children's story characters Mimosa, who was created by my favourite Finnish illustrator and author Camilla Mickwitz (1938- 1989) :)

Elmi's photo © Sanni Jukkara, thank you ever so much! <3
(Above photo; illustrations by Dilka Bear, Italy,
Custom OOAK lamp shade by Funky Homo sapiens)
Last weekend's Fused Glass- mini course
Various Bullseye Glasses in 5cm x 5cm squares
My "new" oil fed TOYO TC10 Professional Glass Cutter (Japan)
I receive a regular flow of people coming to my blog by using the search word "Diamantor" which was my first glass cutter everyone was obligated to buy when starting to work with stained glass. If anyone happens to find this particular post and is planning to buy a "Diamantor" I suggest you look into having a proper "knife" if working with fine art glasses:) Diamantor is most okies for a beginner (for a weekend or two), but in a way is waste of money as it get dull very quickly, is very heavy to use and is a nightmare with finer glasses such as raw glass, baroque, waterglass or any "multilayered" or- patterned glasses. Diamantor makes a mess and you end up wasting rather expensive materials with unsuitable glass cutter.

BUT should you be looking to cut any basic, simple and unpatterned glasses like milk glass you'll be most fine with Diamantor.:)

Also in the pic, some mini pots of medium coarse glass Frit in turquoise and seafoam. And some bent glass stringers which were fun to make!:) Can't wait to see what the pattern looks like when it comes out of the kiln:)
Some pendants with pink Bullseye Collage Glass with stringers and confetti; turquoise green Soft Ribble Dichroic and my glass stringers again:) Laid ready on fibre paper in the kiln.

Anna-Stiina's pendants and beads in Dichroic ribbles (purple and fuchsia)
x x x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

All Work & No Play

Phew, it's hectic! I'm struggling with my time management and it frustrates me a lot:( First time in my professional life I promised myself some time off which I'm going to use for sleep; total relaxation and some "Little House on a Prairie"- seasons 7 and 8 that Anna-Stiina has kindly lend me:) Week long vacation coming up in just a week, on a Finnish national winter holiday. It's difficult for me not to work, but I'm ever so hopeful that I can stick to my plan:) I'm getting well tired, but I'm excited at the same time:)

Anyhoos, this coming weekend I'll be "double dating" my Goldsmith Maestro as well as learning how to make fused glass pendants- I've been yearning to learn how to make lamp beads so this is a course to a right direction:) Can't wait!

Work in Progress: an A4 poster for Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat
ink on paper
Commission Funky Bambi
OOAK Funky Bambi "Lord of the Lyrics"
Conan, the Greyhound, wearing his brand new
Funky Homo sapiens vegan hound collar
Photo © Riikka, thank you ever so much! ♥♥♥
Pihka, the Sloughi, wearing her FHS- collar:)
© Noora Vilén, thank you muchly ♥♥♥
More pics of Pihka and her siblings HERE
or even more on Flickr
(still have so many pics to go through from 2011 Kartano Weekend,
hopefully before the next summers event, ha;))

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