Thursday, 9 February 2012

All Work & No Play

Phew, it's hectic! I'm struggling with my time management and it frustrates me a lot:( First time in my professional life I promised myself some time off which I'm going to use for sleep; total relaxation and some "Little House on a Prairie"- seasons 7 and 8 that Anna-Stiina has kindly lend me:) Week long vacation coming up in just a week, on a Finnish national winter holiday. It's difficult for me not to work, but I'm ever so hopeful that I can stick to my plan:) I'm getting well tired, but I'm excited at the same time:)

Anyhoos, this coming weekend I'll be "double dating" my Goldsmith Maestro as well as learning how to make fused glass pendants- I've been yearning to learn how to make lamp beads so this is a course to a right direction:) Can't wait!

Work in Progress: an A4 poster for Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat
ink on paper
Commission Funky Bambi
OOAK Funky Bambi "Lord of the Lyrics"
Conan, the Greyhound, wearing his brand new
Funky Homo sapiens vegan hound collar
Photo © Riikka, thank you ever so much! ♥♥♥
Pihka, the Sloughi, wearing her FHS- collar:)
© Noora Vilén, thank you muchly ♥♥♥
More pics of Pihka and her siblings HERE
or even more on Flickr
(still have so many pics to go through from 2011 Kartano Weekend,
hopefully before the next summers event, ha;))

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