Monday, 20 February 2012

Snow & Sunshine

It's been such stunning day with sunshine!:)

We had a good snowfall yesterday, so much that the plowing peeps didn't manage to sort out the local roads which lead us to drive into a ditch just couple of meters from home, heh:) But funnily (I don't really know any of my neighbours) within seconds, before we even had a chance to squeeze out of the car an approx. ten headed group of people ran to help and we literally lifted the car from the ditch. I was so taken by these people's willingness to help. All of them live just few doors down the road, but have remained strangers which has been kinda sad, but this unfortunate and quite funny event brought people together:) So millions of thank you's for my superb neighbours in Kantotie, Männikkö, Vihti!

I was supposed to start my long-awaited week long winter holiday, but I'm still faffing about and trying to finish couple of commissions until I can stop and start relaxing and enjoying my break:)

Riikka was ever so sweet and sent me a holiday greeting in a form of her gorgeous greyhound Demi who we made a custom vegan collar for:) Riikka is such a darling, ever so sweet and thoughtful = a true Funky Homo sapien;) <3 Thank you ever so much, Riikka! x x x

So here you are; Demi the Greyhound, from Finland, wearing her new Funky Homo sapiens collar which matches perfectly with her winter coat:)
Photies © Riikka
Commission Funky Bambi
Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat Presents:
Open House- event
Wed 22nd of Feb 2012, 12- 18:00

Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat is an association with an open work studio for peeps
with basic knowledge/training in silversmithing or stone grinding:)
(Poster by me, the freshly baked "publicist")

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