Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kittens & krafts

We've had a bit of a health scare in the family, so past couple of
weeks have been ever so tiring and stressful:(
I never had a chance to have even a day off on my scheduled holiday week:(

BUT at least the sun is shining, weee!
I closed the Boutique for March as the front yard is a dead slippery zone (web-boutique is open as normal!). Boutique will have it's 1 year Birthday in 8th of April , so hoping to re-open then, if not earlier:)

Anyhoos; a strange post with a variety of pics from here and there from past couple of weeks:

Funky Homo sapiens Funky Bambies in "Shabby Chic"
Varpu Varpunen
Anna-Stiina's fairy from last weekend's Stained Glass 2 weekend course
I started a piece for my dad's birthday, heh. The deadline is 25th of March.
The piece measures approx.40cm x 40cm.

The pattern features some Magnolia leaves and two birds sitting on a branch. I changes the Magnolia colours from pink to blue, to make it more "masculine", ha. The piece is designed for my parent's sauna window for privacy purposes
Björn Fågelsson
Some gorgeous Silver Art Clay leaves from Vihdin Kivikoruharrastajat
Open Doors event. The piece is made by Maila.
Miss Moon aka Myy, 5.5 years old
Born in South Norwood, London
Lives in Männikkö, Vihti, Finland
And a Funky Homo sapiens 100% Vegan Collar featuring a camouflage
deer and some lovely little pom poms:)
Will be available at the web boutique at some point:)
Measuring 31cm x 6cm
Buckets full of Sunshine everyone!
x x x

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