Saturday, 31 March 2012

April Fools

April Fools, wasn't really:). It was my first "free" weekend since, don't even know? Maybe August 2011?

I was eagerly waiting for them little witches (or "Trulli"es) who appear a week before Easter.

The following pic is from Wikipedia by Annelis (2008), just to point out what I was expecting, ha. The strange Finnish Easter tradition is something I've tried to explain to several of my international friends over the years:)
Basically, kids, usually under 12(-ish), dress up in witch costumes, boys and girls. In bright, colourful dresses, scarves and painted freckles. Luckiest kid is one with a huge vintage copper coffee pot (for candy), he. Although the tradition has changes a little during the recent years and all sorts of (Halloween- type of) costumes have started to appear.

The witches have prepared pussy willow branches decorated with colourful feathers and other beautiful hand made embellishments. The branches are exchanged to candy, preferably chocolate eggs or small change, if the kids are older, while casting a poem of good will and health.

We had purchased these huge chocolate bunnies for two of our favourite kids around the neighbourhood, Venla (whose dog was introduced HERE), and Teemu, who lives in the house behind the fence, and especially loves our other Afghan Hound, Halla. But nope, sob:( Venla is on 5th grade and might find herself bit too old to go "Trulling".:(

We only had two girls that showed up, and they only gave one sad branch, hah.
So we have a huge bowl of all sorts of chocolate goodies unclaimed:(
Although there would be eager takers;)
Halla, Afghan Hound, 2.5 years old.
Grey fur on the background belongs to Björn Fågelsson.

AND last, but not least... NEW! seedlings greeted me this morning, wee!
Pot Marigold (kehäkukka) as pictured,
+ Pride of Barbados and Lupine:) Hurrah
Welcome April!

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