Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tiffany Glass for Beginners

I had signed myself on a Tiffany Art Class Course November 2010, before I knew I would be opening the boutique, he:) The course came in bit of a bad timing, but 'cause I never have time to have holidays so I though I should be selfish a little and do the course, relax and get inspired a little:) So I'm on a mini intensive Tiffany Course from Mon to Sun, altogether 46hours. The course takes place in Hiidenopisto, in Vihti:)

This is how far I got on the first day. The glass is milk glass which I absolutely love anyways, so was ever so happy to have it as a first piece to work with:) One should always start with an easy pattern, so ever so kind and more experienced co-student offered me this rather lovely dove piece, which reminds me of "Dove of Peace" actually, heh:) I've cut all the pieces, grind all the sharp edges and attached some copper foil around every piece.
Day 2: My tutor showing me how to melt the first seams of lead came to combine the pieces together:) She makes it look so easy!
Okies, first Dove done:) Just need to add some wire to make loops for hanging:)
To gain more practise, I was advised to make another dove from slightly trickier piece of glass. In this case, glass being Cathedral glass in light blue/turquoise. Cathedral Glass is smooth on the other side and with slightly"bumpy" texture on the other side (in lack of better words), as was the milk glass, milky/opaque on the other side, clear on the other.
Cutting the pieces with my brand new "Diamantor", the Glass cutter.
This is Anna- Stiina grinding the edges of her beautiful lamp shade. This is her 3rd course in Tiffany Glass. In fact, I am the only total beginner of the course:)
And this is how far I got on day 2. All the pieces are cut, and ready to be copper foiled:) Mon and Tue total of 6 working hours, so the pieces came along quite quick, me thinks:)

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