Thursday, 31 May 2012

Apple Blossoms

I had a lovely meeting with one of my "milliner sisters" today at Kaapelitehdas. We had a fruitful luncheon at Hima and Sali, and I'm just about to burst to be able to publish some well exciting news, but we shall wait until the beginning of July!:) Hihii!

I've been silently queuing for a studio from Kaapelitehdas since 2002, hah. I haven't visited one of my favourite places since I left to UK, but it was so funny how all the bustle and hustle was just the same like I had never left. I love the energy of the place, the constant movement; so creative and exciting! And the smell, hah. It's not like a bad smell, but it's a very specific smell to Kaapelitehdas:)

Lady Luck could you please sort me out a studio from that magical place?:)

Anyhoos, spring is in full blossom and some very funny sparrows made a ruckus at the neighbour's apple tree stealing some blossoms for tea:)
x x x

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