Saturday, 19 June 2010


As the heavy rain drums my roof, which is the sound I've grown to love more every day, it takes me back to last weekend's Afghan Hound Show in Tuomarinkylä's Hound Centre, Helsinki, Finland ( 12.6.2010). This was my first dog show ever, if you don't count the random two- three match shows when I was in primary school. The day started with absolutely dreadful weather, pouring rain and record breaking winds! We didn't take part with our two Affies, and I still don't really understant the ribbons and all, but I was indeed bit by the Affie Photo Bug and am desperately trying to find a good event where to take more piccies:)

just a few gorgeous creatures to share:
Meet: Khaos Devenish

PMJV-09 Zagorias Naughty Gal

Hienohelman Zaromy

Kirman Taisha

And last but not least, this gorgeous "unknown" very photogenic bundle of muscles

For some reason when I take photos if it's a (Funky) Homo sapien, fauna or flora, I tend to lean towards portraits, don't really know why, but it appears to be a habit which is extremely hard to shake. I also enjoy the moment of unexpected, and mostly lurk behind people's backs to capture funny emotions or moments rather than going up front and pushing the camera to subjects face, he:) Having said this, my hound show photos are very unorthodox, but should you wish to see couple of random more, please click here

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