Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer is...

Growing your own vegetables
Grilling (for example Hälsans Kök veggie burgers, and)
mmmm, my favourite: Spring onions, yum yum

New life

Bugs. Ok, I seem to be drawn to these tiny mysterious sylkikuoriainen, what ever they are called in English? Spittle Beetles, ha? (=Souldier Beetle says Wikipedia). They are indeed crawling in all of my pictures. Although I do like the colours and their funny face, and apparently they are superb for your garden:) AND for some odd reason every time I see a beetle, what ever beetle, I keep imagining they have a suit case tucked in their arm pits and are in a hurry to get back to their job, as book keepers. Sitting in their dim- lighted library- like workrooms, surrounded by countless bookshelves filled from top to bottom, and Victorian era furniture:)

Gardener's nightmare, Dandelions, but can't fight their prettiness, can you:)

AND they provide great nutritious leaves for bunnies like Myrsky:)
(Photo taken in our old Secret Garden in London, UK, 2009)

Birds and their offsprings. This particular Great Tit has a nest under our porch roof. The fluffy babies are getting huge and I can see little beaks, curious black eyes and slippery feet sticking between the boarding. Constantly hungry little things they are! Juicy gigantic icky "worms" mummy and daddy deliver, all day long:) Can't wait to see the flight exercises,
(and keeping off Balou, the Garden Cat.)

The indoor hunter; Nuppu 8years old.

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