Saturday, 19 June 2010

Green lovelies


I'm pondering back and forth if I should write in Finnish or English, apologies. I think I'll stick to English:) All Finns can understand it anyhoo, so no one should feel like an outsider:)

Quite a few weeks have passed by again. Been bombing my Facebook friends with various photos from gardening to pets and other animals, and work, ha. New pics pretty much everyday; my excitement about settling in Finland doesn't seem to be disappear any time soon, so I thought I should perhaps focus my enthusiasm on the mysterious world of Blogging, spare my friends, and maybe even some day find couple of like-minded people to share the passion with:)

So... This spring and early summer have included some rather heavy gardening. Although it doesn't show anywhere yet, it's been nice to tuck in and get my hands dirty. And actually see what sort of flowers the old couple who had built and lived in this house earlier had planted and what needed cultivating:) + Name everything, phew, not an easy task (for me at least!)

Garden piccies, to be followed with some superb flea market findings I'm burning to share:) But first some garden lovelies, and testing my two week old new camera (finally!):)

AND Allow me to introduce our "Garden Cat":) Don't know who he belongs to, but he has spent many nights sleeping in our patio. He's ever so lovely chap! After days and weeks of his lovely company, I decided to name him Balou:) So, meet Balou!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of sunshine!
x X x

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