Monday, 21 June 2010

Viimeiset Vieraat

Have you seen the Book "Viimeiset Vieraat; Elämää Autiotaloissa" (rough translation: Last visitors, Life in the Abandoned Houses) by Kai Fagerström, Risto Rasa and Heikki Willamo (2010)?

The book is heavenly! It combines "autobiographical" storytelling about the various animals inhabiting buildings people have left behind, a lovely story with dream- like photography about the authors' ( Kai Fagerström and Heikki Willamo) relationships with these surroundings they capture, weathered buildings, nature and the various animals, combined with Risto Rasa's beautiful poetry.

I particularly love how they've chosen the animals. The same animals I personally have a huge soft spot for. The animals, generally regarded as pests or vermins, who are not appreciated as beautiful god's creatures as they are. Badgers (even the word is funny, Badgers!), squirrels, foxes, raccoon dogs, mice and rats just to mention a few. And couple of larger bird species represented too:)

Here is a taster of the photos I found via Google, by Kai Fagerström and Heikki willamo, just to give an idea. The photos are not necessarily related to the book in question, but on my opinion they give a good hint of the heavenly, superbly amazing, beautiful, utterly brilliant and mesmerising atmosphere these two wonderful nature photographers have managed to create and bind together in form of this book of 160 pages of pure life!

Well, little did I know by getting this book for my last Birthday in April- that on Friday, last week, I would stumble across Heikki Willamo's another wonderful book called Kultaturkki (2000), about fox kittens (and lovely chicken photies, one of my favourites of course, ha) from a charity shop for just 2 euros! I was, and still am, in heaven!

If you have a chance, please go and see about this book, the photos and my inappropriate over excited ramble do not make justice for this book:) You will be promised a huge grin for several days after putting down the book! Promise!

To finish off this post; something I came across while searching images for Heikki Willamo!
Have a wonderful new week!
A precious little Harvest Mouse!:

All the photos are © Kai Fagerström and Heikki Willamo

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