Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mushroom Matryoshka

It's a shame that so many flea markets can't survive the economical pressure and are forced to close their doors:( I've already lost two superb ones, but luckily my ultimate favoutire still struggles on:) Two weeks ago I found some wicked Moomin stuff and loveliest vintage tea- and coffee cups. I did fiddle this wicked although very tatty Matryoshka toadstool, it was very well priced too, but left it there due it's poor condition:( For two weeks it kept pestering me, and when I finally got there I nearly sunk my heart and thought it was goners! But it was indeed still there, phew! Also scored some wicked tea cups, I'm completely bonkers over them!

I felt quite bad painting over the original as the toadstools are extrmely rare, considering the paint style I would estimate this is ranging from anywhere between arly 30's to early 50's:) but the original paint job was so severely damaged and was beyond repair:( It should have held three little ones too, but they were unfortunately lost.

And this is one of the cups, although this Polish one was found from an antiques store in Nummela.

The fabric cupcake is made of vintage Marimekko + some petrol blue vintage lace.

Have you found a treasure recently that has got your heart racing of shear excitement?:)
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Bundles of inspirations for one and for all!
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