Monday, 30 April 2012

Pied Flycatcher

Oh, joy! I had had this birdhouse set up on my favourite tree in the garden, the mighty oak, and it had had several visitors during it's first two years. Even some minimal bedding had appeared, but it just wasn't suitable for anyone, which saddened me:( Until last summer a pair of Pied Flycatchers moved in:) The garden was quite badly tyrannised by two mother Magpies protecting their children, but for some reason the pied flycatchers were not regarded as a hazard:). That was a joyous moment:) AND now they're back in their little birdhouse, weee! The magpies were rather adventurous couple of weeks back, and it's been oddly cool, so I'm suspecting some serious nest building:)

Most people don't seem to like magpies, but I find them very interesting and nice to follow for such large birds:) But they do indeed keep the garden in order, no crows allowed that's for sure, no no no! Someone described the pied flycatchers pretty much exactly the same, but I didn't notice anything like that amongst the smaller birds. In fact we had most species about than any season before.

Anyway, totally rambling, he. I was making some veggie patties when I noticed the return of the pied flycatcher hence the ramble:) I grated some carrots, ginger and parsnip. Chopped in some red onion, garlic and red chili. Fried them a little to soften and mashed in some chic peas and spices (coriander, salt, black pepper and fresh parsley) and some breadcrumbs to absorb the extra moisture for easier handling.
No egg needed! The chic peas provide their own "glue" and are perfectly sticky enough to hold the "dough" together:) Press the chic peas with a fork, do not use a food processor/blender, as the peas will get way too mushy and you will understand what I meant with the "glue";). Also instead of breadcrumbs any other flour of your choice will do, cornflour/polenta even adds a tad of taste, so what ever "rocks your boat", ha. OR one could easily throw in some flax, sesame or hemp seeds for added texture, which will also act as a moisture binder so everything goes:) The mash is then perfect when it doesn't stick to ones hands too badly when handling:) Fry with olive oil (or for extra crispiness can also be deep-fried.)
I served with some season's best fresh green asparagus and a spicy bean salad. Mixed beads (= beans, a designers "Freudian slip", oop;)) mingled with paprika, red onion and fresh basil on a bed of mixed salad leaves (optional). Marinated with a mix of organic olive oil, half a lemon, Dijon mustard, dried thyme, and chervil, salt and black pepper,
Have a wicked Mayday!
x x x

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