Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Open Up Your Mind, See Deep Inside, Tell me What You Find

My post yesterday was bit negative, even it wasn't meant to come across that way. And even karma finally happened, I still wouldn't wish anything bad for anyone, even if they truly deserved it by trying to harm or damage (me). So the post bothers me a bit, but I will leave it visible, as it still carries an extremely important message about life. About love and caring. About honesty, dignity, responsibility and respect.

So I "lighten" my quilt by forwarding a selection of my favourite photos.
The original post is circling around fb, and when I finally clicked the link, the photos made me cheer up. I'm quite high-in-energy type of a person, but have had a bit of a rough start for a day, so here you are, hope they'll do their trick for you as well:) And don't forget to check rest of the pics from the link!

Have a beautiful and sun filled day!
Give a cuddle to your loved ones, or anyone/"stranger" who looks like they need one; and instant karma will occur- You'll see:)
"Never take a person's dignity:
it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you."
- Frank Barron

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