Thursday, 12 April 2012

End of an Academic Year: Wood & Metal

Wood & Metal- course in Nummela September 2011 - April 2012

I had so many plans when I started the course; designs that I was hoping to expand into Funky Homo sapiens- products, but looking back, I didn't manage to make pretty much anything. I was excited about learning how to weld, hence the title of the course, but it was made clear the very first lesson that there was not going to be any metal working which was disappointing.

I love wood as a material, it's so warm and beautiful. Natural.
The previous time I had had any proper contact with any of the equipment was back in elementary school when on 4th grade kids are supposed to choose sewing or woodwork. I did woodwork and really enjoyed it, although 4 years later my kid brother, Jason, told me that my kantele (traditional Finnish "harp") was shown as an example "how- NOT- to- make- a- kantele":( I was never made aware it was rubbish, ha. I remember it being a really hard work and being upset that I ran out of time to finish it. Not much of a positive and encouraging memory for future crafties, eh:) Thanks Pauli Anttila, he! He was/is a huge man, ex-american football player, and a coach of Espoo Colts (later Espoo Devils). I remember him always smelling of wood shavings, coffee and mettwurst, ha:) I believe he is currently a headmaster in some southern ostrobothnian school:)

Anyways, I had these complex plans for these design birdhouses, but due killer deadlines at work I lacked time to go material sourcing so I settled with these very basic and traditional ones:) I have use for them, so they will not go wasted, and it will be easier to execute any future plans when the basics are in fresh memory:)
Anna-Stiina's "Baroque" bin:)
... sample of pearl grey, of course;) THE colour of Finnish traditional furniture makers and wood carvers
Painting facilities, hmmm:)
Applying the paint
Attaching the safety plate against kitties and squirrels
Finished! (and peak of my beautiful & rare ♥PINKear protectors, hihii)
.. and then there was two:)

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