Sunday, 15 April 2012

End of an Academic Year: Wood Carving

Last lesson of the semester, finishing touches.
Various pieces from various makers, including some woodturning
1st layer of varnish
Last minute adjustments
The first layer of varnish needs to be sanded for the second, or even third layer
Antti, the tutor sanding Anna-Stiina's "fruit boat".
The "boat" has been the mandatory first article to be made since the 60's
Things have changed since I've been at school.
Everything is motorised or on hydraulics. No need for hand sawing even (which I think is bit of cheating, he)
My "fruit boat" looking quite one- dimensional, hmm. I left the edges untouched as it will be a Christmas present for my grandfather (second pressie done, check!).
Classmate's mirror frame in the middle, very pretty!:)
Picture frames with burned effect, or perhaps a sconce in a making?
Working on a woodturned baroque post (barokkikierre)
Meet Reijo, he is super sweet:) Ever so helpful and inspiring:)
He's made 20 clock frames, all given away as presents and now this 20th will finally be for himself:) Especially Japanese have been taken by his skilled wall clocks:) The second piece on the right is Reijo's first ever clock that he has started, back in '86, while studying wood carving under the most famous Finnish maestro and pioneer Oiva Kentta. Pretty impressive and well- preserved looking +25year old unvarnished piece of wood (art)
Reijo & Simo.
The heart and the backbone of the class. These two men are ACE!
Simo holding his woodturned candlesticks
@ Tytyrin Koulu, Lohja, Finland
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