Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Happy Birthday to me!:)
Crocuses are greeting the spring:)
I received these two Moomin mugs for my birthday. The yellow-
black one is the Helsinki Design Capital 2012- special edition mug, which I absolutely love and was ever so eager to get to my collection.:) 2012 cups are looking so beautiful so far, very much to my taste, heh:) The enamel cup is equally as pretty! I absolutely love the colours and the detail of Moominpappa reading Agatha Christie on the non display side, ha:)
Björn Fågelson is helping mummy (Lumi at the back):). I also got these lovely Arabia porcelain Moomin figurines (Santa gave me Moomin himself, he was blogged HERE). Very Moomin filled Bday then, heh (AND Christmas, he). I keep being amazed how I haven't received any doubles except for 2-3 mugs over the years. It might appear that I'm a very keen and ever so enthusiastic Moomin collector, but I'm not really:) I do love Moomins, I do(!), but them Moomin related goodies just appear to be drawn to me, heh:) Alas, not complaining, just funny!:)
Last week I was drooling after these beautiful Jamie Oliver gardening tools! I said out loud that I would absolutely love if one day my (company's) name/logo was burned-in anything as beautiful as the Jamie Oliver's gardening range. So I was amazed to receive this beautiful Jamie Oliver's gardening tool/potting bench top as a present:) Thank you so much! Photo © HomeSpace
And a Jamie Oliver Garden Dibber! Love it!
Gosh, better dash, I'm supposed to have a dinner with my parents in couple of hours and meet my kid brother's new girlfriend for the first time! My parent's got me this beautiful metal framed sofa(bed) which I've been searching for couple of years from various web-auction sites. I'm so happy! I'll be finally able to finish the upstairs' living room. The "sofa" will frame my guest bed:) Thanks a ton, soo happy! Product photo © Asko
Hope I'm not insulting or annoying anyone with my over- excited ramble, I don't mean to boast or anything like that, I'm not that sort of person! I truly hate the material- orientated lifestyle of today's world. I'm just excited and touched by the beautiful pressies I was lucky to receive for my special day, everything was muchly appreciated and will be cherished. Thank you so much!
x x x

P.s. Must add, he! The very same second I pressed enter I received a newsletter from Puutarha.net how to make your very own DIY potting table, so here are your instructions, he!:)
Do it Yourself ( In Finnish, apologies, Tee- Se- Itse Kukkapöytä)

x x x

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