Friday, 27 April 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Allow me to introduce you "Kreemitär";
a customer of mine who makes these absolutely gorgeous cakes and other baked goodies! She's looking into starting her own business so all the thumbs up it'll happen soon! * EDIT, since 2nd of May 2012, Kreemitär is now a registered Trademark, CONGRATS Outi! How exciting!:)

She is so creative, and such a talented photographer as well!
The visual pleasure is out of this earth!
I bet, my hero, heh, Martha Stewart would adore her!


Kreemitär is a Southern Finland based cake artist:)
You can find her on facebook HERE
All photographs © Outi / Kreemitär

Have a beautiful weekend!
p.s. Simply couldn't resist them Xmas- related photies, hehe, 241 days for Christmas 2012!;)
x x x

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