Sunday, 22 January 2012

Viimeinen Ilo

I just lost last of my rescue gerbils; Ilo (Joy), or "Viimeinen Iloni" ("My last Joy") as I used to call him when he was the last one left after his litter mates passed over the rainbow bridge within 2011.

Here's some pics of Ilo's bunch. His mum, Ruska, was a rescue from London, only 3 months old, arrived with her brother. They were kept in a tiny hamster cage that had no food or bedding (or maybe they were removed before we came for the pick up).

Just couple of days later, 5th of September 2008, much to our surprise, the very slim and very-pre-teen-mother, gave birth to a litter of 7 pups

Here's she is, and some of her "Nakunakit" (naked "sausages") couple of days old.
13 days old, eyes still shut, but a lovely combination of colours!
.. And here he is, my Ilo, 21 days old with his deformed right ear. He was either born that way, or the young mother might have had an accidental "nibble" when he was born and was being cleaned.

♥ Rest in Paradise 5.9.2008 - 22.1.2012
Ilo's twin Agouti sister, Ilona, 21 days old
♥ 5.9.2008 - 21.5.2011
Last, but not least, a very small sized "Pikku Nyyti" did very well and outlived her sisters. Pikku Nyyti, 21days old
Villa, 21 days old. He was one of my favourite colours I've ever had, beautiful lilac
Here's a pic of a 1 year old Villa when we moved to Finland from UK, and took a ferry from Germany to Helsinki, back in May 2009.
♥ 5.9.2008 - August 2011
Another pic of Pikku Nyyti
Here's one of my three pup- lot, that arrived just 1 days old from "London's Hamster rescue" late summer 2006 with their mum and 2 potential dads. They are 14 days old in this pic, eyes just open, two boys and a girl which of "Knut", one of my males made it to 4 years and 10 months which (I think) is a very honourable age.

An average age for gerbil is about 3 years, but nowadays, what I've read on forums etc. it appears to be more towards 2+ than 3+, so I've always been very happy when they pass the 3 years and feel that I've done something correct, and that they've had a good healthy life:)
And here's my firsties ♥ There was a litter of 8 ruby Eyed White's born in Birmingham back in 2004. In this pic the boys are having a play outside in our London garden (2006 or 2007):) They all made it +4years old, apart from one that was lost unexpectedly at the age of 2. These were such a lively, social bunch, also hand reared from day "one" ("" because they are not to be handled too early)
Rest in Peace Ilo, and all my beautiful little babies.
You brought so much joy and sunshine to my life

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