Sunday, 8 January 2012

Peas, Peace and Beads

Phew, been shooting and resizing pics the whole Saturday.
It's 4am and still at it, ha. Anyways; here you are, the fruit of my... errr. fingertips... Hope you enjoy:)

New Lankalikka matryoshka Necklaces have arrived in a larger size:) YUM!
A taster of some new Lankalikka Make- up purses
Funky Homo sapiens Upcycled Graphics- serie cameo necklace
Lankalikka Röjyrossi- Brooch
Andy Eats Only Candy's Critter Tote Bag (lined!)
Hand made and silk screened in Joensuu, Finland
Outo Wear & Gear Bobbed Beanie in Mustard
and Muru "Murre" organic cotton Mittens in turwuoise / lime
Lankalikka Make-up Bag / Mini Purse
Outo Wear & Gear Bobbed Beanie in Olive green
Lankalikka röjyrossi- Brooch in Mustard
Lankalikka Matryoshka Necklace in Turquoise
Funky Homo sapiens Swallow necklace in Yellow
Available HERE
Hope you've had a lovely start of the weekend:)

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