Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lentil soup is mental fruit, and ginger root is good for the yout'

New Year, new tricks vol. 33:)
I don't remember the last time I would have made New Year's resolutions, I failed to do any this year as well, but even on the fourth day of January, I find myself fantasising about all the plans I have for the house, and the garden... Even though I haven't exactly finished any of the rooms 100% that I have already started, I'm secretly hoping to finally tackle my studio renovation, open surfaces and brighten up the room:) A little facelift:) What a better way to start than from the tiniest details, ha:) I found these wicked little VERY IMPORTANT finishing touched, and had to share- hope you like:)

Cable ties gone wild! How yummy! These wicked Leaf Tie Cable Organisers come in various colours and I bet every creative and/or crafty person needs some. At least I do have horrible ugly cables climbing up the walls, plotting death traps under every work top.

Leaf Tie Cable Organisers are © Lufdesign

No Cable ties without some rad extension cords, ha. Yes, please!
- I love the finishing touch with the textile cable, an added
vintage/retro spirit:)

(although I do wish the actual plug box was same colour as the cable;)) Available for fellow Finns from i.e Finnish Design Shop

Extention Cords © NUD collection
Well, no Busy- Bee can survive without some delicious notepads:) YUM!
Ahhh, Oak Leaf- Leaf- it © Appree

How cute are these! I just had to show these Ginkgo- leaves as well:) These Leaf-its comes in various colours from greens to autumn shades, and in various species as well:)
I've developed a rather strong obsession for Ginkgo leaves. I've already ordered some Ginkgo seeds to have a go, although it's not exactly a species that would thrive in Finland, but we'll see, hah:) I just love the shape and been planning to design something out of Sterling Silver:) The Ginkgo inspired Marimekko textile print is well pretty as well:) Keeping in mind the other parts of the refurb as well:)
Last but not least, these are only on the prototype level, but how freaking cute are these!
Sprout Magnets also © Appree

Fresh and green, my heart flutters:)
x x x
(title from "Be Healthy by Dead Prez)

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Anna said...

Ihanaa, että noita jatkojohtoja saa nyt Suomesta! Olen yrittänyt metsästää joka paikasta. Kiitos vinkistä. :)

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