Thursday, 5 January 2012

Smooth Operator

Santa brought me a blender for Christmas:)
yup, it's very fashionable at the moment, but I do like me smoothies:)
A very simple Strawberry- Kiwi Smoothie contains:
- Ice, if you like - blend
- half a bag of defrosted strawberries 400-500g (will serve 2 peeps)
- Splash of Orange juice with bits (or squeeze yourself) - Blend
- 2 kiwis - Final blend and voila!:)

One can add sugar I suppose if it's too sour for your liking:)
I like my smoothies fresh, simple and very cold, he!

This lot will serve two generous sized cups for two people, or divide for smaller quantities and add some ice cream to make some yummy milkshake:)

I will defo have a go of making some sorbet, the blender cuts everything so fine so shouldn't be a problem:) Kiwi and Buckthorn Berries are my favourite, hand made by my mother- in- law!:)
Smoothie to be followed by some happy flea market finds:)
Love this oval shaped serving plate, apologies for the rubbish photo.
Produced by one of my favourite English retro potters; Johnson Brothers:) Cost 2.50euros, priceless!
AND found this matching cream jug for just 80cents from another flea market! It's not the same pattern, but very very close! I would've not even noticed if I didn't know:) This is by a fellow 70's English pottery designer Jon Anton which oddly enough, couldn't find much information about. Absolute bargain:)

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