Monday, 1 October 2012

Suomi PRKL @ Reykjavik

Suomi PRKL Finnish Design Boutique 
Run by two lovely Finnish ladies

@ Laugavegur 27
101 Reykjavik
Suomi PRKL is located pretty much in the middle of the Reykjavik's High Street Laugavegur. The boutique sits in between two buildings, couple of steps off the main street, but is well visible and easy to find:) Just follow the large Moomin stand if unsure;) Another good and visible landmark is this pretty awesome street art piece on the opposite wall:)
Come on in!
I love the inviting stairs, and only just now, while uploading
the pic, realised the building was polka dotted, how cools is that!
Exterior surely doesn't shy with the interior:)
The Boutique represents quite a few independent young Finnish designers, as well as some of the most known and less independent trademarks such as Nokia's Hai Boots, good variety of Moomin goodies, always so ace Jopo- bicycles and currently very popular fly- inspired Paola Suhonen's (Ivana Helsinki) fire alarms for Jalo Helsinki.

AND Funky Homo sapiens Boutique's NEW! designer:
Nouseva Myrsky:)

Hironia's handmade millinery
Polkka Jam's paper and textile goodies
Saana & Olli's Sysimetsä- collection
Please go and say "Moi" if you have a chance to visit Reykjavik!:)
x x x


Satu said...

Wo-hoo, many thanks for your kind words :D

Funky Homo sapiens™ said...

No, Thank you!:) x x x

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