Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Early this autumn I posted an urgent enquiry to our Facebook page "Fhs Putiikki" asking after some every day life items and clothing for a friend of mine whose family had lost everything to a malicious and the worst kind of mildew which didn't only mean they lost their newly furbished home, every single item from clothes/work clothes to home ware and their sweet, young daughter's cherished belongings and memories, but also began a struggle with severe health issues and had to abandoned the life they had built together.  Only to realise how people perish from friends to "friends" and true friends, and being left to be pay double for two houses with no financial support available from any establishment.

Their life has finally started to settle down a little, and as one customer of mine responded to our challenge, and her being a loveliest and ever so wonderful, valued customer and a Funky Bambi- enthusiast, so
 I wanted to make her something special which we had earlier in the summer brain stormed together with her:)  I'm not sure if the size was correct, but here we are, as my very humble and modest  Thank You- Present for Tiina for reaching over her very much appreciated helping hand  THANK YOU! x x x 

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