Sunday, 16 September 2012

100 Days until Christmas

15th of Sept. marked a special day for all Christmas enthusiasts worldwide:)

We, at Funky Homo sapiens, also celebrated the magical day by producing our first Christmas Funky Bambi, literally named "2012 Christmas Countdown":) She will also be sporting our 2012 Christmas cards that will be available more towards the special holiday season;)
HERE you can see our first ever cards, printed last year:)

We had a pretty laid back day. I took most of the noon to finish off the Funky Bambi, browsing through the decorations to build up the modest photo shoot.. only to realise couple of hours after the first pics were published, that I had totally forgotten to attach the ears, ha!

We had a Christmas "test luncheon"; melon and raspberry salad, that didn't really go with the main course, hah:) Yummy, but too fruity for this occasion!

Not RAW, but could have easily been! I wanted to test Mr Fearnley- Whittingstall's caramelised carrots combined with his roasted Brussels sprouts and shallots- recipe from his River Cottage, Veg Everyday- book:) Wanted to make something easy and traditionally English, and to try to make generally not-so-liked Brussels sprouts taste yummy witch they sure did! I have also always hated cooked carrots (excellent basis for a "Christmas meal", eh?), but they were so heavenly yummy, ahh!

For a dessert I made Maria Lönnqvist's RAW Blueberry - Chocolate muffins. My icing didn't come out as creamy as hers, and for some reason this recipe didn't suit me. Hubby loved it though, but it was so heavy for me that one bite would've been enough. The bush blueberries added a lovely fresh juiciness, and the raw chocolate / date base was nice, but combined with the icing, was just too much (for me). And I'm having slight problems with most of the RAW recipes containing so much coconut (icing was made with coconut flour). Ever since I was a kid I've had this same hiccup, and now I'm starting to think if it's just my body trying to tell me that coconut doesn't suit me.

If you have a chance, please have a go:) I think I will try to make something similar for Christmas anyway, I will just have to find a different icing:)

Evening was spent with Billy Bob Thornton as "Bad Santa". Heh, as with my food, the film I had anticipated for so long wasn't really ones quintessential Christmas movie, but it was ok and had couple of good laughs. If the unnecessary rump scenes with "Mrs Claus' sister" were cut out and the plot juiced up a little, it could've been rather perfect and entertaining (as a Christmas movie, but then again it hasn't really been designed to be one, hah):)

Have a happy 100 Days until Christmas- weekend!;)
Ho- ho -ho
x x x

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