Sunday, 29 July 2012

Turku Botonical Garden

We had a mini break away- day in Turku, west coast of Finland, earlier this week. Not being sure what to do, we decided to visit the Botonical Garden located in beautiful Ruissalo, approx. 10 mins drive from the city centre. It was indeed well pretty, and I ended up purchasing couple of seedlings including one of my ultimate favourite; a Horse-Chestnut, yei! I hope it'll make through the winter:)

... And we had a lunch at lovely Restaurant Kerttu located by the river side:) We ordered taster plater of "all" the side dishes, 2 x Vegan Burgers which were supposed to have sweet potato (bataatti) fries, which we were quite excited to try out, but unfortunately the restaurant had ran out:(

1 x Crayfish + Samon Toast

and 1 x Heavy Kerttu Light (restaurant spec.)

We waited for an hour for the starter, and additional half an hour, if not longer for the main course (ordered the same time). Because of the non- existing sweet potato- chips we were offered a complimentary coffee, but by the time the meals arrived we were already in a hurry. As an establishment Kerttu was very basic, pleasant, and easy going; good large sized terrace and enough shelter from the beaming sun. Drinks and orders were placed at the counter inside. I don't really mind as such, but at this "some-what-tropical" weather, a waitress for the drinks would've been a nice addition.

The vegan burger was tasty and superbly seasoned. Even the chips were probably one of the best I've ever tasted, even not sweet potato;) heh. Would, and probably will, visit again:) Thank you
x x x

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