Friday, 29 June 2012

Ellu's Chair, part. 2

Remember this?
Ellu's chair has finally been delivered, yei!

I ended up going over budget with nearly 100euros from my own pocket, but no matter; I thought it was totally worth it as there was supposed to be parts that were a keeper, but the cigarette smoke never faded so the chair had to be pulled a part completely and washed through out:) Smell is bygone, so I couldn't be more pleased:)

The "refilling" was made using historically authentic materials, exact the same that were removed:) I found an excellent upholstery tools / material supplier from Lohja, which was a definite bonus:) + I added some organic Finnish hemp for structure:)

Here's the chair back in January 2012
(grrr that hideous green dining table, new curtains though:))
And here we are , finally delivered to its rightful home:)
I hope the chair has many, many happy family years to come:)
x x x

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