Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tirisee Pirisee

"Pirisee Ilosta & Tirisee Kiukusta"
Tinkling from Joy, Sizzling from Anger is a roughly translated motto of a NEW! Finnish textile designer Tirinä Pirinä from Kuopio.

Tirinä Pirinä specialises on colourful and superb quality Finnish retro- fabrics from 60's and 70's, creating some fab, funny and ever so useful every day goodies:)

Here's some of her NEW! Birdie- keyrings:)
Aren't they precious? ♥♥♥
Tirinä Pirinä is available from
Daiga Daiga Duu, Kuopio
Sigrid Käsityökeskus, Forssa
Nuppuputiikki, Lappeenranta

and here is her BLOG
Hope you likes:)

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