Sunday, 2 October 2011

Abigail's take on Robin:)

I've featured this artist before, but I read an article written by one of my favourite bloggers Decor8, about her visit to the London Design Week and about her excitement over the ever-so-talented Miss Abigail Brown:)

I had to share these pics and I noticed she had made a little ROBIN, my spirit bird, my favourite, my rock, my little saviour <3 Here's she is:
She has a new (?) boutique on Big Cartel where you can search for your own favourites:) I absolutely adore Pheasants as well, Miss brown has such a wonderful eye for perfect little details + the well admirable skill of hand stitching.

All Photies above are honourably © Abigail brown
Abigail Brown's Website

Hah, this is bit embarassing, and the pics are rubbish, apologies, but here's my ode to my precious little Robins:)

The first one I did back in June (I think) on a week long Tiffany Art Glass course in Lohja, Finland. It's okies, loved making all the little Apple Blossoms, but the Robin looks bit too much of a Bullfinch, so I had another go on another week long course end of August 2011, in Nummi, Finland.

It has taken quite a few days and countless of hours to finish, but I finally completed it today, 2nd of October in a two-weekend Tiffany Art Glass- course in Vihti, Finland:) I wanted to make something possibly Christmas-sy / Autumn-y, ha.
OH, almost forgot, how cool is this!:

Hope you've had a wonderful sunny, yet fresh & crispy weekend:)
x x x

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