Thursday, 5 September 2013

FHS @ Limbo Boutique 14.9.2013

Helsinki Design Week Presents:
Bring your own trinkets and tiny treasures to Limbo Boutique, and Funky Homo sapiens will turn them into unique pieces of jewellery! If you don't have anything, please don't fret! We'll be bringing tons of spares for you to rummage through!:) 

material cost is 4euros
earrings and necklace charms only

Other pieces like stud earrings which will take 24hours to sit,  or beaded  necklaces - I'll be more than happy to make and mail you afterwards:) Difficult materials like heavy metals or porcelain will have to be prepared at the home studio, but please bring everything and we'll figure it out together!:)

If unsure what to bring, please e-mail info(AT)

See you at Limbo Boutique
Annankatu 13, 00120 Helsinki
SAT 14.9.2013 at 11-16 o'clock

Facebook event HERE
Funky Homo sapiens in Facebook HERE
Limbo in Facebook HERE

Thank you:)
x x x 

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